We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love….Mother Teresa

We cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love….Mother Teresa

I’ve been touched by many people over time, people who shared friendship, knowledge, humor, and faith.

My good health through my life has enabled hard work and love of soil and what comes from working with it. I like to consider myself a farmer, producing food and sustanance for God’s wild creations, wild creatures, wild things, wildlife. 

I didn’t do this without help from many peaople. Numerous kind souls have shared their gifts with me, I am grateful to them all. 

Two of those many were rightly honored by thier alma mater last night – two giants. I’ve walked in thier footsteps for 30 years. 

Charles M. Allen and Malcolm F. Vidrine, scientists, communicators, collaborators, leaders are they. Steadfast in their focus, determined in spirit, and kindness, and with patience hearts, that is the way of these two special people. A small bit of that, a micro, cell-sized bit of that has rubbed off onto me. 

Dr. Allen and Dr. Vidrine stumbled into a thought-to-be-extinct prairie one day in the mid 1980’s and that moment propelled them to do small things with great love. 

They were both honored with recognition of their life’s work last night by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the old University of Southwestern Louisiana at Lafayette, for their work with rediscovering, scientifically studying, endlessly promoting, and successfully restoring the magnificent, ancient Tallgrass prairie of southwestern Louisiana. A full-circle was made. Because of these two, what once was estimated at less than 100 acres of prairie in the 1990’s has blossomed into over 6000 acres of prairie that are under some form of restoration. Not too shabby!

Their recieving of James Rivers Prize in Louisiana studies puts these two in standing with some of the most recognizable Louisianians, they being the first, as I understand it, to be awarded for scientific work. 

They have touched many with thier brilliance. We are all the more better as a country for thier hard work. 

God bless them, thier families, who supported them through it all, and all of thier supporters through thier bountiful lives. God bless America! 

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