Marc and Candi Pastorek are business partners in Pastorek Habitats, a Louisiana environmental consulting-construction and land management firm that specializes in restoring natural plant communities via seed. The business location is in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana outside of the city limits of Covington. Pastorek Habitats operates a postage stamp farm for growing native prairie seed.

Our business was originally inspired by the pioneering prairie research work of Dr. Charles M. Allen and Dr. Malcolm F. Vidrine when Marc first visited the Cajun Prairie Restoration Project in the summer of 1991, in Eunice, Louisiana.

Over the last 25 years, Pastorek Habitats has developed methods for collecting and processing a diverse number of prairie seeds – native perennial wildflowers and grasses – making them available for use in a wide variety of landscape project types. Pastorek Habitats provides seed for establishing rare plant communities – prairies and pine herbaceous understory vegetation –  in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and east Texas. These are endangered plant communities – critical habitat for – butterflies, rare insects – all sorts of wildlife.

Candi Pastorek is a registered nurse by training and love of science has always been a primary focus of her work.  She handles all the business operations for the company. She closely assists in day-to-day landscape design collaborations and field management approaches and strategies.

Marc Pastorek and handles all of the field operations for the company. He has been a  garden designer for over 35 years.  Marc is a dedicated environmentalist with a deep interest in natural systems and their restoration and management. He was bitten by the gardening-horticulture bug in his early teen age years. In 1983 he launched his first entrepreneurial adventure, Pastorek Landscape, Inc., which eventually morphed in 1993 into Plants That Work, Inc., – and then in 1997, Meadowmakers, Inc. – and finally in 2007, Pastorek Habitats, LLC was established when the company moved to Louisiana. Marc is a technical assistant with senior level classes at the LSU School of Art and Design and the LSU School of Biological Sciences. Marc is past-President of the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society and the Mississippi Native Plant Society. Marc is on the Board of Directors of The Cajun Prairie Society, The Louisiana State Arboretum, and Keep Covington Beautiful. He is currently the Vice President of the Louisiana Native Plant Society.

The Pastoreks occasionally host a garden tour to showcase the prairie fields. These fields are experimental seed production plantings established, using rare seed – there are over 50 experimental garden plantings in all – covering 15 acres of land, and initiated, beginning in November of 1997. The garden fields are essentially a genetic bank that contain collections of rare prairie plant species – genetic ecotypes – from all over the Piney woods and prairies remnants of the central Gulf coast area, including those from remnants of the Jackson soil prairies and the Black Belt prairies of Mississippi/ Alabama, the Inland and Coastal prairies of Louisiana. Many of the genetic ecotypes established on the farm came from seed that originated from plant communities that no longer exist in the wild, so these experimental plantings are very much an active preserve, a conservation area.


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