Marc and Candi Pastorek are business partners in Pastorek Habitats, a Louisiana environmental consulting-construction and land management firm that specializes in restoring natural plant communities via seed. The business location is in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana outside of the city limits of Covington. Pastorek Habitats operates a gene bank preserve used for native prairie seed production.

Our business was originally inspired by the pioneering prairie research work of Dr. Charles M. Allen and Dr. Malcolm F. Vidrine after Marc first visited the Cajun Prairie Restoration Project site in the summer of 1991, in Eunice, Louisiana.

Over the last 25 years, Pastorek Habitats has developed protocols for collecting and processing, and storing local genotypic prairie seed – native perennial wildflowers and native grasses – making them available for use in a wide variety of landscape project types. Pastorek Habitats provides seed for establishing rare plant communities – prairies and Long Leaf pine herbaceous plant community vegetation –  in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and east Texas. These are endangered plant communities – critical habitat for Butterfies and Bees – is one of the most threatened ecosystems in the United States. Pastorek Habitats provides the wherewithall to reconstruct and restore these precious grassland habitats.

Candi Pastorek is a registered nurse by training and the love of science has always been a primary focus of her work.  She manages all business operations for the company and she closely assists in day-to-day design and planning sessions.

In 1983, Marc Pastorek founded the Louisiana S-corporation Pastorek Horticultural Services, Inc., a gardening business focused on landscape contracting and garden management. In 1998 Pastorek reorganized and reincorporated in Pearl River County, Mississippi, into Meadowmakers, Inc. with prairie seed production and gardening with prairie plants as the focus of the company. The general focus of that effort is encapsulated in our hardcover-published catalog found on this web page under the title Retail Seed Publication – Descriptive Catalog – Meadowmakers: Fireproof Wildflowers for the Meadow and Garden, written and published by Gail Barton and Marc Pastorek, in 2007. In 2009, the company was again reincorporated as a partnership between Marc and Candi Pastorek, a Louisiana LLC as Pastorek Habitats. Pastorek Habitats is a consulting services and grassland restoration business – providing rare seed mixes and – using proven design principals to establish native grassland habitat. Our earliest experiments with prairie seed are demonstrated in our seed fields in Pearl River County, Mississippi – rare ecotypic plantings of grassland species, begun in 1997. . These gardens encompass over ten acres, with over 50 planting/ demonstration plots. Tours of this facility-farm are offered upon request.

Pastorek Habitats has work as a consultant to designers and biologists on gardens ranging from tiny postage stamp home gardens and public parks, mitigation banks and nature preserves, arboretums and botanical gardens.

The geographic focus of our work for 20 years has been the entire central Gulf coast region.