Native Louisiana and Mississippi prairie-meadow seed

For over 20 years Pastorek Habitats has provided native grassland seed for a wide variety of landscape project designs. We provide ecological direction for preparation of the planting site, the design of the seed mix, the steps for construction during planting and the on-going management of the landscape once established. Seed is one of the many keys to success when initiating a prairie-meadow landscape project. Every step of the process is important, so it is wise to be cautious when it comes to implementing an intended design.

In 1997, we began work on the establishment of our seed production farm, the first of its kind, the only one of its kind in the Gulf coastal region. These farm fields have become the foundation for our unique seed work and have produced for us an incredible insight into prairie ecology vai seed. Its been a 20 year pleasure watching our fields mature. Our company, Pastorek Habitats, singlehandedly created the native seed industry in the central Gulf south region through many years of industrious work and determination.

Our seed mixes are custom designed according to your specific landscape design needs. Let us know how we can help you succeed in your growing effort.

Please call us or send a note to Marc Pastorek and 504-296-8162

Grow native!