at-work photo gallery

Green Milkweed, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Doug Green Family Garden in June, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

narrow leaf Mountain Mint Pychnanthemum tenuifolium, Pastorek seed Farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Prairie Parsely, Pastorek seed Farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi
Bella Moth Utetheisa ornatrix, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Little tike and Lindheimer’s bee balm Monarda lindheimeri, Vermillion Parish, Louisiana

Green Milkweed in seed, Pastorek Seed Farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Frey Prairie, September 2006

Roundhead Blackeyed Susie, Rudbeckia grandiflora growing in eight inches of crushed asphalt, seeded landscape, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Dragon fly on Silphium gracile leaf

Green Milkweed seed after burning

Bushy Bluestem grass at Lafayette Cemetery, Orleans Parish, Louisiana

Cajun Prairie Restoration site in April, early 2000’s, Eunice, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Coco Orchid, Eunice Restoration site, St. Landry Parish

Dr. Charles Allen in his self-regenerated native meadow, Allen Acres, Vernon Parish, Louisiana

white-top fleabane Erigeron vernus, five weeks after prescribed fire, Crosby Arboretum, Picayune, Pearl River County, Mississippi,

Virginia Bluestem Andropogon virginicus in January, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Yellow Bladderwort Pinguicula lutea, Covington Nature Trail, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Little Bluestem plug, 90 days old, 2018, Covington, La

Fuselier prairie fields, Eunice, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Sand box top-profile prairie trials, LSU AgCenter, Hammond Research Station, Hammond, La

Pollinator garden, ULL Lafayette, Lafayette Parish, La

Wholeleaf Rosinweed Silphium integrifolium, Harrell Prairie Botanical Area, Bienville Forest, Scott County, Mississippi

Blue False Indigo Baptisia australis in mass of GreySunflower, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Prairie Phlox Phlox pilosa with Little Bluestem grass in April, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Honeybee on narrowleaf mountain mint, St Tammany Parish, La

pale cone flower Echinacea pallida, at the seed farm, Pearl River County, Ms

prescribed fire at Almost Eden Nursery, Merryville, beauregard Parish, La.

Sphagnum in a bog at Covington Nature Trail, St. Tammany Parish, La

Cajun Prairie Restoration Project site, Eunice, St. Landry Parish, La.

Bushy Bluestem Andropogon glammeratus seed drying, Covington, La.

Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Ms.

blazing star with slender bluestem grass, Beauregard Parish, La

Bee Balm Monarda fistulosa, Pearl River County, Ms.

seed comparison trials, Hammond Research Station, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

Cajun Prairie restoration project site pale coneflower with littleleaf sensitive briar schrankia microphylla

Cajun coneflower at Hammond Research Station Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, La.

Little Bluestem at sunset, Eunice prairie restoration project site, October 1997
drone, Marc and the meadow, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

swamp sunflower, aster pilosa, and eupatorium, Acadian Baptist Center, Acadia, Parish, La.

Liatris elegans and slender bluestem, Allen Parish, Louisiana

Osborne Prairie, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi

Roadside prairie with Rosebud blazingstar and Maryland Goldenaster, and Guara, Sumter County, Alabama

Longhorn beetles on Narrowleaf Mountain Mint, Pychnanthemum tenuifolium, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Ms.

Iron weed Vernonia gigantea, Pearl River County, Ms.

Coral Been Erythrinia herbacea Pastorek seed far, Pearl River County, Ms.

Kansas Blazingstar Liatris pychnostachya Beauregard Parish, La.

Marathon Refinery meadow, St John the Baptist Parish, La.

Bushy Bluestem grass seed head

Green Family Garden, Folsom, St Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Swamp Sunflower Helianthus angustifolium, Covington Nature Trail, St Tammany Parish, La

Longleaf pine in grass stage, after fire

Blue eyed grass Sisirhynchium Pastorke seed farm, Pearl River County, Ms.

Dr. Yan Chen’s Pastorek Habitat prairie seed germination testing, Hammond Research Station, Tangipahoa Parish, La., 2015

Hibiscus aculeatus, at the seed farm

Little Bluestem grass in June, City of Mandeville Conservation Garden, St Tammany Parish, La

annual trial color-garden Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, La

Bumble bee on Kansas Blazingstar Liatris pychnostakya at the City of Mandeville Conservation Garden, St Tammany Parish, La

Pastorek garden sculpture, “Curley”, high fire clay, glazes, and Skyy Vodka glass

Compass Plant Silphium laciniata, Duralde prairie restoration project, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana

Indian Grass Sorghastrum nutans, Covington, St. Tammany Parish, La

Coastal Hibiscus, var. Immaculate Kosteletskya virginica Covington, St Tammany Parish, La

Green residence in June, Folsom, Sta tammany, La.

the ultra-rare Metallic Sweet Bee Augochloropsis sumptuosa on Pychnanthemum muticum at Pastorek seed farm, Carriere, Pearl River County, Ms.

University of Louisiana prairie Garden est. 1986, Eunice, St Landry Parish, La.

post mulching, Covington Nature Center St. Tammany Parish, La

Elliot’s Bluestem Andropogon elliotii, Sandy Hollow WMA, Tangipahoa Parish, La

Jimmie McGee at the DeSoto National Forest seed extractory, Wiggins, Pike County, Mississippi

drone over Duralde Prairie, Evangeline Parish, La, 2016

Little Bluestem grass, DeSoto National Forest seed Orchard, Pike County, Miss

Dr. Charles Allen in Kansas Blazingstar Liatris Pychnostachya Eunice Restoration Project site, 2012

Mountain Mint, hyper-pollinator species, with Dielis plumipes, Feather-legged scoliid wasp

Indian grass, Duralde restoration, Evangeline Parish, La.

Bushy Bluestem grass

Monarda punctata and Lobelia puberula, Nature trail, Co-Lin Community College, Wesson, Copiah County, Mississippi

Lobelia apendiculata, St Tammany Parish, La

Bluestem grass and Indian grass, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana

Eryngium yuccafolia with Odontomyia cincta, Soldier bee

Copiah-Lincoln Community College Oswalt Nature Trail prairie, Wesson, Copiah County, Mississippi

Carrot family member, Eryngium yuccafolia in May

Bumble bee with Monarda fistulosa, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Zinnias, etc., pollinator/ color planting Marathon Oil Refinery, St John The Baptist Parish, Louisiana

Physostegia, Silphium, and Rudbeckia flowering at Cajun Prairie Gardens, St Landry Parish, La

Prairie seed/ plant Trial Gardens at Hammond Research Station, LSU, Tangipahoa Parish, 2017

Reed-Hilderbrand/ Pastorek design, Repentance Park, Baton Rouge, La., with Old State Capitol, City Hall (center), and Convention Center (bottom, right), 2018


Marothon Oil Refinery pollinator-color fields with Rudbecia and Cosmos

Texas Children’s Hospital prairie habitat gardens

Green Milkweed

First-year from seed, Swamp Sunflower, False Foxglove, Green Residence, Folsom, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 2011

Steve Nevitt igniting Eunice prairie restoration, 2018

Green residence garden, at soil prep stage, Google earth,

Crotolaria flowers with critter

Silphium integrifolium with Gulf Fritillaries, University of Western Alabama prairie gardens, 2017

Pollinator-color garden at New Orleans City Park, Orleans Parish, La, 2016

University of Western Alabama prairie gardens, Sumter Co, Alabama
seed application device, Wetland Mitigation Bank, Mamou, Evangeline Parish, Louisiana

Monarch on celosia Amazon Giant

Burnt out burn crew, Cajun Prairie project site, 2015, Eunice, St. Landry Parish

St. Landry Parish Visitor’s Center, Iris, Senecio, and Cypress, March 2013

Helianthus mollis, Grey sunflower, Pastorek seed farm

Slender Bluestem, Pastorek seed farm

Swamp sunflower at the Green residence garden, Folsom, St. Tammany Parish, La.

Gail Vidrine, Cajun Prairie Gardens curator, St. Landry Parish, La.

Prairie clover, Cajun Prairie restoration project, 2010, St Landry Parish, La.

Green garden post-burn, February, St. Tammany Parish, La

Grasspink orchid, Malcolm Vidrine photo

Chappapeela Sports Park, Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish, La

Spiral Orchid in Black Belt prairie, Sumter County, Alabama

La. Dept of Transportation Welcome Center, Tremont, Lincoln Parish, La

Seed for Ascension High School prairie project with Eric Vanbergen

Aster hemispherica, Vernon Parish, La

La Dept of Transportation, prairie-pollinator garden project, est 2016, Tremont, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, with wooly croton, Boltonia, and Little Bluestem grass

Coastal Hibiscus at prairie garden, Chappapeela Sports Park, Hammond, La

Charles Allen leads a tour of Copenhagen prairie, 2009, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

Repentence Park Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, La

planting a pollinator-color crop in St John the Baptist Parish, La

Milkweed pod in hand

a load of seed, Evangeline Parish, La

Malcolm Vidrine leads the Urban Meadows landscape architecture class through his Cajun Prairie Gardens, St Landry Parish, La

Charles Allen inspects rooftop garden trials at Southeastern Prairie Conference, Starkville, Ms., Mississippi State University, 2012, Mac Vidrine underneath ha!

winter scene of prairie, Duralde restoration project est 1996, Evangeline Parish, La

Carex and Cyperus seed, Pearl River County, Mississippi, 2020

Grey Ranch prairies, Cameron Parish, La., with Texas coneflower and Bluestem grass, and Chris Reid in the distance

Prescribed fire at Crosby Arboretum, Picayune, Pearl River County, Mississippi

cultipacker just out of the showroom, 2014

Dr. Malcolm Vidrine’s Cajun Prairie Gardens, in April, with Baptisia, Amsonia Bluestars

Ted hanging out. Clay and glaze, Skyy vodka glass – M. Pastorek

Bog scene with seed, October, St Tammany Parish, La

mineral soil after burn, Pastorek seed farm, Pearl River County, Ms

Tate Thriffely with first load of seed for DeSoto National Forest restoration projects, Wiggins, Mississippi

Indian grass in flower

Bluestem grass planting at St. Landry Parish Visitor’s Center in September, St. Landry Parish, La

Sarracinia psitticina, Hillside bog, Crosby Arboretum satellite site, Harrison County, Mississippi

72 inch, seven foot tall Baptisia alba of Texas genetic strain, at Pastiorek seed farm

LSU Urban Meadows class at Abita Flatwoods preserve, St Tammany Parish, La

Charlotte and Jean Sidenberg prairie garden established in 2012, St Tammany Parish, La.

Gail Barton at Pulliam prairie near West Point, Clay County, Mississippi, 2012

Helenium with critter, St Tammany Parish, La

Clearwater prairie in Cameron Parish, La with very cool hibiscus genetics

Louisiana Children’s Museum, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, La

Atamasco lily in prairie bottom, on Jackson prairie soils, near Forest, Scott County, Mississippi

unidentified butterfly, Everglades, Dade County, Florida

Monarda punctata, spotted horse mint at Pastorek seed farm

Transplanting prairie clumps from Fey prairie, St Landry Parish, La

Brookshire farm prairie planting 2014


Marsh Marigold, Lincoln County Mississippi

Coral Bean, Pastorek seed farm

Grey leafed Hibiscus, Grey Ranch, Cameron Parish, La

Green Garden, Folsom, La

Baptisia alba seed head when ripe

Malcolm Vidrine at LSU Eunice

Rosebud blazingstar, Sumter County Alabama

City of Mandeville conservation Garden, St Tammany Parish, La

baptisia and bumblebee, Green Garden, Folsom, La

Louisiana Growers Nursery drone by Marc Pastorek

Long leaf pine, DeSoto Nat Forest, Pike County, Mississippi

False Bishop’s weed Pastorek garden in Covinton La

shirt full of milkweed pods, roadside, Osyka, Mississippi

Dicanthelium and boots

enveloping the Green gardenduring a burn, with Terry Johnson on far side of field

Slender Bluestem grass at Duralde prairie restoration, Evangeline Parish, La

Selma chalk with phlox pilosa variety Forest Frost, Pastorek Garden, Covington, St Tammany Parish, La., 2015

Duralde prairie restoration with bigelowia and humans

Gulf Fritillary on passion vine, Pastorek Garden

Liatris acidota, Vernon Parish, La

Eupatorium hyssopifolium and honeybee, Pastorek seed farm

Tallow tree eradication in Hackberry, Louisiana ranch prairie, 2015

Cacalia ovata in Eunice oprairie

Jake and an Eryngium plant sprouting from a seed head, at Fuselier’s prairie restoration, St. Landry Parish, La

Tephrosia onobrychoides at Pastorek’s seed farm

Vidrine photo of snow on burnt prairie, Cajun Prairie Gardens, Eunice, La

Vidrine’s Cajun Prairie Gardens in October via drone flight, photo, M. Pastorek

Prescribed fire, Abita Springs, Louisiana

Pastorek project, Rankin County, Mississippi

Bog Eryngium

Spotted horse mint

Alexander Calder stabile and Switch grass at Storm King Sculpture Garden, New York, Daryl Morrison project

Little Bluestem grass

prairie roots, Heidi Natura

Crosby Arboretum via drone, photo, Marc Pastorek

Eryngium yuccafolia and critter

Hybrid Batisia speherocarpa x alba cross, Pastorek seed farm

Charles Allen at work

Mandevillle Conservation Garden via drone, M. Pastorek

prairie parsely in seed , Pastorek seed farm

Eastern gamma grass and Marc’s leg

Marc Pastorek, Coleman Tarnoc, Kim Hawks, Scott Ogden at Tarnoc’s incredible pitcher plant bog, approx 1995-6, Pearl River County, Mississippi

meadow beauty seed capsule

meadow beauty, bud and seed capsule

Split beard bluestem grass and chrysopsis pilosa

Kansas Blazingstar at Duralde

Silphium laciniata at Duralde Prairie Restoration project, Evangeline Parish, La

my prairie-hunting bud, Gail Barton with Silphium laciniata and Selma chalk outcrop in foreground in, Eppes, Black Belt prairie remnant, Sumter County, Alabama

Echinacea pallida in Vernon Parish, La

Scott County Mississippi, prairie bottom

Powell’s crinum

bonesets in blue and white

Charles Allen map of La prairies

awesome Sedge meadow St John Parish, La

zepharanthes labuffarosea, Pastorek garden, Covington, la

White baptisia at Pastorek farm

Skipper on picnanthemum viginiana

Eunice prairie sign, constructed 2002, M. Pastorek

Buffaloe wallow/ marais at Grey ranch, Cameron Parish, La

liatris seed at Sandy Hollow preserve, Washington Parish, la

post-burn at Mandeville conservation garden, 2014

bumblebee on mountain mint, Pastorek Farm

Gail Vidrine with Swamp Milkweed

Pastorek seed farm in February

Sedghe meadow St John the Baptist Parish, La

Prairie root depth demonstration at Fuselier Farm, Eunice, La

Seaside Goldenrod finds a niche

U.S. Arboretum prairie roots display

Jackson prairie soil contracted (shrink-swell soils) due to drought, Bienville National Forest, Harrell Prairie Botanical Area, Scott County, Ms

Shrink-swell soil of Copenhagen prairie with Neptunia lutea, Blackland prairie, in Caldwell Parish, La

Eunice prairie burn

prairie garden, Lincoln Parish, La, by drone, M. Pastorek

Colman Tarnoc and Marc Pastorek, Tarnoc property, 1996, Pearl River County, Ms

Root of Kansas Blazingstar, Pastorek garden, Covington, La

Jim McGee and Long leaf pine at Buttercup Flats, DeSoto National Forest, seed collecting for the federal govt

Pastorek seed farm approx 1998, via airplane

Jake and Steve on a pimple mound, at Nash Prairie, south of Houston, Texas, photo, M. Pastorek

destruction from hurricane Katrina at Haspel Japanese garden, Pearl River County, Mississippi

Vidrine photo of red Milkweed at Cajun Prairie Gardens

Eunice prairie burn, photo, M. Vidrine

The Highline, Manhatten, New York, New York

Kansas Blazing star at Eunice restoration project

Vidrine garden, post-burn

Vidrine garden drone

Vidrine garden tour, photo, M. Pastorek

Garden Plume, France
genetic variation of rudbeckia hirta, Duralde grid garden
sowing seed in Lincoln Parish, La
prairie garden, Lincoln Parish, La
quail eggs in restored prairie
Seaside Goldenrod with beetle
Marc speaking to Parkways Partners, New Orleans, La

Tarnoc bog featured in Martha Stewart magazine, written by Dan Hinkley

Jim Sones and cyrilla

Indian grass slope at Repentence Park, Baton Rouge

Jake Delahousey and Thalictrum, meadow rue, at Copenhagen prairie

Man root Morning Glory

Prairie seed stored at DeSoto National Forest, 2012

Saline prairie in central Louisiana, approx 1996

Balduina, Honeycombhead, and Marc’s old hand

Chris Reid, Chris Doffet and fellow Fish and Wildlife associate at one of the ranch prairies in Cameron Parish, after field work, 2016

Cemetary headstone in Black Belt prairie at a church on highway 28, Sumter County, Alabama

Chalk outcrop in Black Belt prairie, Sumter County, Alabama

Little Bluestem grass clump reaching about 8 inches tall

Jim McGee at Mark Jenkin’s’ Nursery, Mark’s truck full of stuff

Sorghastrum at LSU Forest, Mdway, Washington Parish, Louisiana

Little Bluestem at harvest
since-dismanteled native garden at Wildlife and Fisheries office, Baton Rouge, M. Pastorek drone
experimental color crop demo, Lafitte Greenway, New Orleans, La
after a burn at Covington Nature Trail, St Tammany Parish
Marc seed harvesting in Balck Belt prairie, Sumter County, Al
Grass seed trials at LSU Burden Center, Baton Rouge, La
Berlin Wall, 1989
swallowtail on Liatris at Pastorek seed farm
Burning at Pastorek seed farm, 2006
Bumblebee on Liatris, Mandeville Conservation Garden
Callirhoe, Wine Cups, on highway 10, Washington Parish, Louisiana

Vidrine, with his collected Phlox pilosa genetic variations, Eunice, La

Sam Ledbetter at University of Western Alabama natural area, Old Bluffport on the Tombigbee River with Selma chalk, 2012

Coral Bean, Erythrinia herbacea, seed pods at Chappapeela Park prairie, Hammond, La

burned garden, Folsom, Louisiana

St John Parish pollinator garden

Gulf Frittilary and Blazingstar

Collection site, Pike County, Mississippi

Liatris aspera Rose bud blazingstar and Euphorbia colorata in Selma chalk outcrop, Livingston, Sumter County, Alabama

Big Bluestem grass, purple form

October in prairie with Swamp Sunflower, Rudbeckia angustifolia

Manfreda virginica, American aloe, Pastorek seed farm

LSU’s Urban Meadows class, a stop at Nash prairie, Brazoria County, Texas, April 2016

Pink Muhly grass berm, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Pastorek Covington garden

Chris Reid, Botanist, La Wildlife and Fisheries, with Silphium asteriscus clump at Pastorek seed farm

St LandryParish Visitor’s Center

Partridge Pea and bumblebee

Pineland Milkweed, Asclepias longifolia, Vernon Parish, La

Splitbeard Bluestem and Elliot’s Bluestem in fruit, Duralde, Louisiana

pollinator-color garden, St John Parish, La

backyard prairie gardens, Abita Springs, La

Little Bluestem grass plugs from seed

Wall Street Journal feature, 2012

native Bluestem grass demonstration garden site post-spray, with Dr. Yan Chen and her associate, LSU Hammond Research Station, Tangipahoa Parish, La 2017

carnivorous Sundews after recent burn, Pastorek seed farm

St Landry Parish Visitor’s Center, seeded prairie-meadow, 2011

Pollinator-color garden St John Parish, La, zinnias, cosmos, and Mexican sunflowers, November 2017

Luna Moths at Charles Allen’s Allen Acres, on his canvass “sheets”.

Cale Pastorek in Pastorek’s first meadow project, Henleyfield, Pearl River County, Ms

Caddo Indian Switch grass, Panicum virgatum, hut constructed at Haskell Indian Nations University, Lawrence Kansas, photo by Charles Allen

Jake and Steve at Pastorek seed farm, with Bushy Bluestem grass

Chiluli glass sculptures in shortgrass prairie display, Denver Botanic Gardens, 2016

blazingstar seed in bluestem grass, Sandy Hollow Natural Area
Prescribed fire at Eunice

Dr William J. Platt and class monitor, LSU Entomology/ Conservation Biology class 2018

Mandeville conservation garden, St Tammany Parish, La

North American Prairie Conference, Winona, Minnesota. Sand prairie with Asclepias verticilata, White Milkweed, Monroe County, Wisconsin

Allen Acres

purple of false foxglove agalinus/ gerardia at Charles’ house in Vernon Parish, drone, M. Pastorek

Charles Allen in remnant prairie, Acadiana, mid to late 1980’s, photo by Vidrine

Swamp sunflower, meadow beauty, and aster, Green garden

Marc Pastorek at North American Prairie Conference, a seed farm near Kirksville, Missouri, 2003

Pastorek collecting seed with hand-held motorized seed thresher on Highway 17 in Sumter County Alabama Black Belt prairie under powerline right of way, 2012

Volunteers with the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society, transplanting prairie clumps in Eunice Louisiana, 2008

a smiling Candi Pastorek

Pastorek with Cowcumber Magnolia leaf, Lipkin hill Botanical Area, Pearl River County, Mississippi, 2007

U of Western Alabama prairie garden and Campbell House

Monty the prairie dog at Duralde restoration Evangeline Parish, La

prescribed fire Pastorek seed farm, 2017

Pastorek seed farm 2017, Henleyfield, Mississippi, 2017

white and blue baptisia at the seed farm, Henleyfield, Mississippi

Urban Meadows class, Houston Texas

LSU Urban Meadows class, Harris County, Texas

Will Fleming and his garden, LSU Urban Meadows class

Rosinweed going to seed

Green residence garden, Folsom, La

Jim “Possum” Foret wanting to climb up a giant Yaupon tree

Cajun Prairie meeting, 1999 M. Pastorek, Dr. Charles Allen, Peter Loos, William Fontenot, Dr. Malcolm Vidrine, and Larry Allain

Bruno Borsari in Kisatchie National Forest with Physostegia, photo Malcolm Vidrine

Malcolm Vidrine via drone at Eunice priairie, 2018

Gail Barton along the moss covered banks of the Chunky Creek, Newton County, Ms

Bruno Borsari and Malcolm Vidrine at the Southeastern Prairie Conference 2012, Starkville, Mississippi

creek running through the Abita Flatwoods Nature preserve, Nature Conservancy

result of a good prescribed burn at the farm

Gail Barton in Jackson prairie site with Mississippi Native Plant Society, Scott County, Mississippi.

seeding the infamous Grid garden at Duralde prairie restoration project site, charles Allen Greg Trahan, Sara Simmons, Margaret Fry

Abita Flatwoods preserve via drone

rare Gaillardia winkleri at the Pastorek seed farm

Marc at Duralde with drone

Jefferson Davis Parish, La. prairie site and “the Beast” at sunset

Cale Pastorek atop the Great Sand Dunes, San Luis Valley, Colorado