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DIGITAL FILES — nano-prairies, micro-prairies, full-blown restoration prairies 

— The Coastal Tallgrass Prairies of Louisiana and Texas

–prairie basics by Gail Barton, Richard Lowery and Marc Pastorek- Meadowmakers, Inc.

meadowmakers catalog, fall of 2006 

— The white paper that coined the term “micro-prairies”, below.

South Dakota State University’s Prairie Naturalist Journal publication link below.


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Dr. Malcolm F. Vidrine books on digital file (link below) and for sale on – @

Dr. Charles M. Allen books for sale at link below @

A Lamentation of Frey Prairie, prairie ecology basics, and Cajun Prairie — Malcolm F. Vidrine


general prairie ecology for MN

cajun prairie for MN

Paper: Creating Prairie Meadows Ecosystems as the new American Lawn, Neil Diboll paper, below, click on paper

Paper: New approaches to ecologically based, designed urban plant communities in Britian: do these have any relevance in the United States? James Hitchmough


Charles Allen, Larry Allain, Bruno Borsari, Marc Pastorek, contributors

The Cajun Prairie: A Photographic Essay

simplistic solutions to propagating prairie plants, making nano-prairie
Doug Tallamy’s Bringing Nature Home
The Wildlife Garden, Charlotte Siedenberg