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M.G. Pastorek –  Consulting and Seed Production 

Catherine Candi Pastorek – Business Operations Manager

Pastorek Habitats, LLC., a Louisiana corporation

Covington, Louisiana, 70435

Please contact Marc  at phone 504-296-8162 or

…..through email @

Pineland Milkweed (Asclepias obovata) seed

Pineland Milkweed (Asclepias obovata)

1 thought on “contact us

  1. Hi Marc,

    Spent the last hour reading most all of your travels and efforts! Great Stuff! Your
    personality while writing is wonderful! Thanks for the good words about the WF book.
    The word is getting out there! Will see you on 03-29-2014 and at Crosby on 04-10-2014!
    Your energy and effort is too closely contained. Us plant guys need to talk about you more
    often. I’m thinking a speaking deal in Baton Rouge!

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