Wow!!! Ninjas Gail Barton, Greg Grant, Richard Johnson, and Fred Nation to speak at LNPS/ Brit Hitchmough set for April 1 Manship lecture/Dude.

If ever you were going to miss the Louisiana Native Plant Society’s annual meeting, don’t do it this year. Check out the schedule of events and see some amazingly talented horticulturists and naturalists that will share their stories with us. What’s crazy is that all of the program is free. No dinero, amigo. click on the pages below to see the schedule and list of speakers-topics…




I hope to see a bunch of plant people there this weekend. Pretty sure I will.

Prof. James Hitchmough!!!

Um hold on to your hats, ya’ll, its big news…  mark your calendars for a lecture by none other than THE James Hitchmough, Professor of Horticultural Ecology, University of Sheffield, UK! He’ll speak on April 1st at 5:00 through a Manship lecture. I am so excited that my friend and fellow-Urban Meadows teacher, Wes Michaels, has arranged for Professor Hitchmough to visit and share stories with us. Like I said, folks, this is big big news for Louisiana and the Gulf South region.

Okay, I am not kidding. I saw Elvis Presley, with my own eyes, in a 2003 model Chevy pick-up going southbound on the Lake Ponchartrain Causeway a few weeks back. I would not lie about something like this. see pic below


Its true. Elvis lives! click on photo an see for yourself 🙂

He was checking me out. A blinding glare from the sun protected him from a clear shot by my I-phone. It was definitely him, though. I should watch where I’m going when I drive. I guess this is how people go over the railing and into the Lake sometime.

Happy Sunday!