about – our local eco-type native seed availability



Principal focus areas for our seed offerings… This is above image is from our catalog (2006), the inside back cover (see blog home page for catalog).

Louisiana Coastal Prairie-Wetland Association St. Landry-Acadia-Vermillion Parish origin(180+ species)   $80.00/lb see link directly below


Louisiana Coastal Prairie-Upland Association – St. Landry-Acadia-Vermillion Parish origin  (40+ species) $65.00/lb

Upland Natural Prairie Association-St Landry Parish origin (40+ species)     $65.00/lb

Wet Prairie Association – Vermillion Parish origin (30+ species)   $65.00/lb

Pine Herbaceous Understory-Upland Association – Vernon Parish origin  $65.00/lb

Bog-Edge association – Florida Parishes Pine Bog/Flatwoods origin   $65.00/lb

Mid-Succession association – Vernon Parish Louisiana origin– 65.00/ lb

Vernon Parish origin– $65.00/lb

Dwarf Elliot’s Bluestem   (40+ species$65.00/lb


Oktibbeha County – Black Belt Prairie (90+ species) $65.00/lb

Upland Association- Pine Forest Herbaceous Understory- Pearl River-Harrison-Hancock County origin (60+ species)     $65.00/lb

Bog Edge Association-Pine Bog-Flatwoods  Pearl River County origin (50+ species)  $65.00/lb

Upland Association- Pine Forest Herbaceous Understory- Greene County Mississippi origin   (80+ species)  $65.00/lb 


Upland-Black Belt Prairie, Sumter County Alabama origin    $65.00/lb




Native Grasses, Individual Species, Louisiana eco-type seed (mostly) 

Switch Grass – Panicum virgatum – 6 ft tall x 6 ft wide, upright form, vertical growth, medium textured grass with open panicled inflorescenses    $65.00/lb

Brown Seed Paspalum – Paspalum plicatulum – a 2 ft tall x 2 ft wide, fine textured grass used as a nurse crop plant when establishing native herb vegetation in Coastal Prairie and in urban design projects    $65.00/lb

Morh’s Bluestem Grass – Andropogon morhii/ Andropogon liebmannii var. pungensis – a distinct, densely inflorescenced Bluestem grass with red-blueish/glaucus foliage color, occasionally found in high quality wet pine soils in St Tammany, Tangipahoa and Vernon Parishes    $65.00/lb

Bushy Bluestem Grass – Andropogon glameratus -a wet tolerant Bluestem grass that establishes easily and persists for years. Has upright habit and thick, fluffy inflorescences.    $65.00/lb

Sugar Cane Plume Grass – Erianthus gigantea – A wet-soil grass with three feet tall and rounded, sparse foliage, with six to ten feet high, very showy plumed inflorescences   $80.00/lb

Little Bluestem Grass – Schizachyrium scoparium  The most common grass in upland grassland communities in GC region. One foot tall clumping foliage with two to three feet tall inflorescences    $65.00/lb

Arrow Feather Three Awn Grass – Aristida purpurascens – A two feet tall, very fine textured grass, late-succession indicator     $65.00/lb

Nodding Beaksedge – Rhynchospora inexpansa – A two feet tall fine textured Beaksedge, fruits in mid-summer. Pearl River County, Mississippi origin    $65.00/lb

Florida Paspalum – Paspalum floridanum – Florida paspalum is an important wildlife plant. It has blue-cast foliage and inflorescences and grows to a wily, wiry height of about six feet when in fruit.       $65.00/lb


Winkler’s Firewheel seed mix

In addition to our diverse seed mixes, we also provide rare seed. These are offered in small seed amounts, conservation packets. They are priced at $30 plus shipping and contain over 100 seeds per packet.

Our Gaillardia aestivalus variety winkleri, “Winkler’s Firewheel” mix is available in very limited quantity. This mix of seed is an assortment of colorations of the rare east Texas species Gaillardia currently being rescued, researched and reintroduced by the good folks at Steven F Austin University, Nagcodoches, Texas. Firewheel mix provides a floral display for much of our long growing season. The plants are  adorned with flowers that form white, lavender, and “purpley-pinky” rays with yellow to darker colored central discs. This is a most excellent pollinator plant. The seeds we sell are harvested from plantings first established on the farm in 1997-8.










above, some of the variations of Winkler’s Firewheel


Dr. Malcolm Vidrine’s spearmint scented White Leaf Mountain Mint

We sell seed of the rare spearmint-scented Pycnanthemum albescens, White Leaf Mountain Mint. We estimate that only 1/3 of the seed will produce the spearmint scented variation. The others will have the normal “camphory” sweet aroma that is common in this very special native herb. Malcolm Mint, as the spearmint scented version is commonly called, is a delightfully aromatic plant that, when crushed between the fingers, carries you to a more fragrant realm, a more pleasant dimension. It makes a wonderful tea, just steep in hot water, chill with ice cuebs and serve!

SAW_02944 SAW_02947-1 BGNP_0287

Above: the very fragrant hyper-pollinator species of White Leaf Mt. Mint, aka “Malcolm Mint”






3 thoughts on “about – our local eco-type native seed availability

  1. Real cool website and effort. Hope to call you back soon for consultation on what will grow best in 5 wooded acres near GrandCoteau.

  2. It was serendipity to find this website, when looking for something else. Would you please tell me if the St Tammany Parish Pine Bog/Flatwoods origin mix grow well in the Abita Springs area? Thanks!

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