NDAL webinar features Ian, Larry, and Marc

I’m looking forward to participating in the NDAL webinar lectures and panel discussion on restoring biodiversity titled Seed to Landscape (how to create an awesome habitat garden with a handful of seed) on August 13, 2020, part of the webinar series Ecology, Culture and the Designed Landscape hosted by New Directions in the American L:landscape and co-sponsored by The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and Wild Ones – Native Plants, Natural Landscapes. see below link for details…

Webinars for Landscape Practitioners



….Hanging Out at the Seed Farm in Mississippi with some friends…


Liatris pychnostachya with Bumble Bee

blue Bee or Fly on picnanthemum muticum


Liatris squarrosa


a bumbling Monarda

Skippers abound in the seed fields

Natives provide natural attractions other than just beautiful uncommon flowering plants

Grow prairie and see insects you’ve never seen before!

they don’t call it Goldenrod for nuthin’! Solidago odora

Pycnanthemum is a prairie rockstar

working a lot on seed these days – summertime is the time to get it!

asclepia obovate under the scope

even non-flowering herbaceous flora is impressive and beautiful, as in Carex lupulina


Matt Herron hand-collecting Carex lupulin in the Bogalusa, La., Pearl River backwater bottom

Get out there and get you a handful of fun (seed)!!!


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