rare lily bulb sale

rare lily plant sale

I’m offering for sale several hard-to-find or rare lilies that I believe need to be more readily available in the nursery trade. This offer is for a limited time and of limited availability. These are plants I’ve grown for many years and are proven to be extremely resilient, adaptable and long-lived. All are particularly well adapted to any drought and prolonged period of rain our Gulf coastal environment can  dish out.

  • Crinum moorei X powelli var. Alba includes shipping
  • small – 3 for $45
  • medium – 3 for $70
  • large – 3 for $85
  • extra large – 3 for $115
  • Manfreda variegata “Will Fleming” – 3 for $35
  • laBuffarosea Rain Lily 3 bulbs in a four inch nursery cup for $14
  • Copper Rain Lily – 3 for $12
  • Lost tag Rain Lily named cultivar hybrids two of each for $14

Bulbs are guaranteed to be true to species and or cultivar. Shipping dates will be on December 16,17, 18th and January 13,14,15th only. For ordering, please send check or money order to Marc Pastorek, 72322 Ingram Street, Covington, La 70435


….some things you won’t find on the interweb…….

For over 25 years, I’ve grown Crinum moorei x powelli variety “Alba”, the pure white strain of Moorei x Powelli.. I’ve also grown many or most of the horticultural varieties commonly found in Gardens in the central Gulf coastal plain. All are immensely valuable garden plants requiring little or no care. But moorei x powelli var alba is particularly endearing to me it is and exceptionally prolific garden plant in terms of self-propagation. Every year it makes bulblets that grow from mature roots.

This Crinum hybrid has long strapped, dark green leaves and a full, rounded overall appearance, or form – a mature plant will get 6 feet in diameter and three feet tall, very pretty clump of course textured foliage, a problem-free plant. In 25 years I’ve never had a problem with the plant. It performs. It has been highly prolific and that is why I have been able to offer them.

These are non-native plants of course, having at least some South African blood.

Great thing about this plant is it grows in standing water or upland sandy conditions and in full shade or full sun. Do you know another amazing plant that can do that here in our region? I didn’t think so. And you’re welcome.

holy cow, cool green foliage

pregnant flower bud of Crinum moorei x Powelli

medium sized

large sized

as big as my arm extra large sized

“Will Fleming” Manfreda x variegata

Manfreda variegata is a particularly good ground cover plant with a adaptability range of the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plain and west into Texas. It originated from Will Fleming of Tomball Texas in the mid-1990’s and I’ve gardened with it since. On a scale of 1 to 10 this is an 11. The plant is basically flat to the ground with pointed but not pointy strapped leaves to 18 inches long. The plant grows and expands by tightly running fleshy stolons – it self-propagates. If you get it you’ll have it forever. It takes sun oir shade and wet or dry. It makes a most excellent container plant, never needing water. Its flowers are bore on purple pencil-thin stalks to

shoes in the photo for scale, showing massing of runners making a mat of foliage. Leaves are year-round in the southern part of zone 8a (St. Tammany Parish, Louisisna.

Will Fleming Manfreda X variegata, flower terminal in hand and, at the garden I planted at the New Orleans Botanical Garden.


Rain lilies – the Ultimate care-free garden plant

for the Central Gulf coast?

The definitive answer is yes…

Rain lily – Zeparanthes “Labuffarosea” a rare Mexican lily introduced by plant explorers Lynn Lowery, Carl Schoenfield and John Fairey. Exceptional in its character of creating a dense clump of foliage and highly prolific in self-propagation. Excellent garden plant.

laBuffarosea in foliage after 19 degree freeze, above, left – and in the nursery in flower a month after potting up, top right

The Labuffarosea Rain Lily, truly a wonderful and beautiful plant.

You can find more info on it’s discovery at the link below….page down to pg42.


laBuffarosea, a four inch cup of Christmas cheer!

Habranthus robustus – Pink Fairy Lily

most excellent garden plant. Spares foliaged but stellar garden plant. Limited quanities

ribbon leafed, hippy-haired Habranthes robusta after 19 degree freeze

Copper Lily – Habranthus tubispathus

cool dependable relatively common garden plant only if you’re in an uncommon garden


Two named cultivated varieties via Will Fleming – lost tag cultivated varieties

These are two named cultivars with lost identities with traits obvious in the photos

very limited quantities on these

Merry Christmas , Happy Hunnukkah, and Happy Holidays

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