“remarkable work with seed”

Join Marc Pastorek at the Home garden of Doug and Mary Green of Folsom Louisiana, Saturday at 10:00 June 15, 2019 and we will follow in the footsteps of the legendary Dr. Charles Allen, research botanist, author, the Father of grassland restoration in the central Gulf Coastal region, and all -around good dude, patriot, as he describes the Green garden and the plants in it, maybe gift us with some insight into the process of gardening with prairie habitat – that sort of thing. Dr. Allen was kind enough to befriend me and taught me quite alot about seed – he’s been one of my many generous mentors – he and Dr. Vidrine, his partner in (prairie) crime – so many others. That’s what it took to achieve the level of significance that a garden such as the Green garden is. Its a work of art. I know, pretty braggadocious of me but the proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes. I don’t take credit, I give credit where credit is due, to the kind and brilliant researchers who came before me and helped me and truly to the Maker (he or she) who really knows how to create beautiful landscapes, I am just an observer and occasional worker bee using some of his or her painting pallet to make landscape collages.

Dr. William F. Platt, another legendary prairie ecologist and botanist, a friend and mentor, with fifty years of prairie and coastal plain ecology and research under his belt famously said that “Pastorek Habitats’ work with seed is remarkable!” I wonder what he would say if or when he sees the Green garden. It is truly remarkable.

meet us, with the Louisiana Native Plant Society on Saturday at 320 Bienville Street, Folsom, La. at 10;00

       Green garden February 2019


Green garden above and below, April 2019

below, Green garden June 15, 2017

enjoy all! go micro-prairies!!!! restore habitat, live in a healthy world!

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