guerilla gravel grassland

The resiliency of the prairie plant community never ceases to impress me. Take the right of way nearby that was re-engineered last March by way of a giant track-hoe machine, leaving a deep layer of recycled asphalt in which to establish a guerilla garden. In the dark of night I snuck in a inoculated the one acre site with a seed mix of local prairie germplasm, sprinkling liberally from one end to the other. This approach based on James Hitchmough’s work (not the guerilla part) and the fact that prairie grows stupendously in Tennessee glades where gravel, rock and boulders provide a basis for rough-neck red-neck flora.



Rudbeckia grandiflora, a premiere Coastal Prairie and Pineland species established by the hundreds across the gravel surface. I tried with a pocket knife, then a shovel and then a six foot steel pry bar to penetrate the gravel to see just how deep it was but to no avail. Supertough plants, for sure.


Lots of Indian grass, Little Bluestem, Elliot’s Bluestem and Split Beard Blue has colonized and dominated much of the seeded site. I couldn’t have asked for more.



enough said…..



initiating nurturing prairie fires






the Green Garden, Folsom, La, February 3, 2019


Allen Acres, Vernon Parish, February 10, 2019


Burn at Almost Eden Nursery, Feb 10, 2019 Vernon Parish, La


Deana Launey was there at Dr. Vidrine’s prairie burn to capture the St. Landry Parish firemen putting out the fire – and the fun, in a selfie. It just aint right, ya’ll.  What were they thinking?    :))))








at the seed farm in Mississippi where prairie reigns. Shared the gardens for the first time with Steve and Jake, the Cajun prairie dogs. New Machine of Kotteman Forestry broken in on one of the woody encroached areas – worked out beautifully.



Tres amigos! My brother Paul Pastorek spoke on Iris nelsonii conservation and Dr. Allen spoke on “a few my favorite plants” at the Louisiana Native Plant Society meeting in February. Stirring it up…




Iris virginica, a plant I gave Dr. Vidrine a piece of many years ago. Its a pink form that comes true to pink from seed, originally given to me via Lynn Libous-Bailey of Leyland, Mississippi a hundred years ago….



new book thanks to Dr. Vidrine and the other heavy-weight lifters.


photos for program “converting a Bahia grass pasture to native prairie” at the Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Louisiana Tech, Ruston, La March 8 and 9, 2019 – go microprairies!!!!

sustainable landscape design pptfinal



3 thoughts on “guerilla gravel grassland

  1. Thanks Marc for your inspiring site, I too spend a lot of time buried in Hitchmough’s books. Do you get a lot of problems from folk not understanding the need to burn periodically?

    • Thank you Nigel! I am a State certified burn manager – certified to burn (certified dangerous), and burning is legal and logical, encouraged, and hugely beneficial. But, safety first!

  2. one thangie i lernt from ye ol dog you is to always put a pretty girl pikture in my slide show… keep dem ol guys from slidin out der chair after lunch, yer bru culd lernt from U 2 ol poss


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