new prairie gardening books



Dr. Malcolm Vidrine has been busy writing books, ones to add to your reading wish list. The first one I will mention is titled The Cajun Prairie Restoration Project in Eunice, Louisiana: 30 Years of Volunteerism, which of course focuses on the story of the Cajun Prairie Society’s establishment of the Eunice prairie.  The latest book, completed and printed just before Christmas is a wonderful story of his family’s prairie gardens located just outside of Eunice. It was written by both Dr. Vidrine and his wife Gail, and is called The Cajun Prairie Gardens.

Dr. Vidrine is a trailblazing biologist who worked in partnership with Dr. Charles Allen to develop the ideas of researching and experimenting with restoring the Louisiana coastal prairie ecosystem. Get the books but more importantly, go see the Garden if you haven’t lately. It is worth seeing anytime of the year and is without a doubt one of the most interesting and beautiful gardens in Louisiana. If you see it first-hand, you’ll understand how I can make this bold claim!

I hope you enjoy reading these, as I did – and sharing the news with those who might be interested.

Have a great day!



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