rare garden bulbs offered for sale, to benefit Society

In the early to mid 1990’s I came across a garden bulb that I introduced to my home garden in Pearl River County, Mississippi. Not long after, Scott Ogden, author of Bulbs of the South identified it as “possibly a hybrid of either or Crinum powelli or C. moorei”.

The genus Crinum provides us with many species, some are really classy plants some not as much, but all are generally great garden plants taking little or no care.

Crinum powelli/ moorei is one that is hard to beat. It is by far one of my favorite Crinums, having characteristics unlike any other that I have grown or seen. It takes dry or wet, shade or sun, even takes standing water, so marginally aquatic – similar in adaptability to our native species Crinum americanum. Basically this is a bulletproof plant.

I have seen variations of this plant but always it has a bit of pink in the flower. Powelli is clear milk white. Also, I know of no Crinum that has such perfect leaf character – dark green three to four foot strappy leaves absent of crimps, always pretty.

I have shared the plant and planted it in gardens over the years. I took a few bulbs of it with me when I moved to Covington ten years ago and have been actively propagating it since. I have a produced a limited number of bulbs, enough to share via mail order sales this year.

Crinum powelli/ moorei hybrid does not produce seed here in south Louisiana/ Mississippi.

Bulbs are very healthy and large. They sell for $32.00 per bulb or 3 for $75.00. add $10.00 for shipping and handling. All proceeds go to the 501c3 non profit Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society for their prairie management and maintenance fund. Send check to CPHPS c/o Marc Pastorek 72322 Ingram St., Covington, La 70435

————Crinum powelli in a marsh garden habitat in August, in full shade————–

————————-the flower bud of Crinum x powelli in June—————————

————————goblet shaped flowers of Powell’s hybrid Crinum————————

Powell’s Crinum in full sun in marginal aquatic condition with native Cow Water Lily and Iris

a close-up of the leaves of powelli, with a Spanish moth caterpillar, commonly called the Convict caterpillar (identified by Linda Auld), a lily family species, a host for the moth. In 25 years I’ve not seen damage to speak of from this caterpillar – or any other insect.


—————————–a two year old bulb, in full shade, above—————————




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