good plants are hard to find

With plants you can do amazing things.

Marc’s home garden, established 2007

good plants and garden paths wind through the mind

Baton Rouge, La  est. 2012

Covington, La   est 2007

Hammond, La  est 2013

Pineville, La  est 2014

Carriere, Mississippi  est 1997

Folsom, La  est 2013

Wesson, Mississippi 2015

Poplarville, Mississippi  est 2000

Spearsville, La   est 2013

Livingston, Alabama  est 2012


“The native garden allows you to reconnect with the nature and participate in the world.” –  Neil Diboll, Ecologist




“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” E.O. Wilson, Ecologist


Native gardens are teaming with living things!


all of the gardens in this article, created and photographed by Pastorek Habitats, llc/ Marc G. Pastorek

Marc in Sumter County Alabama, September 2015


a four year old prairie garden in Folsom, via Pastorek Habitats’ seed on youtube – enjoy!


4 thoughts on “good plants are hard to find

  1. Great effort!

    Shoulda left off that picture of the older dog at the end ifin yer ast me…


    Glad to hear from you…

    BTW A few drone shots would have been sweet Ol Poss

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

  2. Good stuff. Hope all is well. Too hot, 102 degrees last week. Nothing but orchids in bloom but they are killing it.

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