June wildflowers and foliage at the farm, grassy goodness


a mowed walking path cuts through grassy wildflower gardens

June brings magical color to this ten acre garden in Pearl River County, Mississippi’s Henleyfield Community. The garden was established beginning in 1997 with the intention of preserving and propagating rare wildflower species.

Winkler’s Firewheel at Meadowmakers Farm, above. Notice the tiny orange native bee on the disc of the flower – and also, the black speck on the left ray petal is an unidentified flying insect. Gaillardia aestivalis var winkleri is a subspecies of our woodland Indian Blanket that is only found in a few locations in small populations in the Piney woods of east Texas. Gaillardia aestivalis is a highly desirable garden species.

Winkler’s Firewheel

Winkler’s Firewheel after petal fall


good grasses, Indian grass, above

Muhlenbergia expansa

Love grass

Slender Bluestem

Little Bluestem

Long Leaf Pine in grass stage

lace leaf Ragweed

Solidago odora

Manfreda virginica

Coral Bean, Mamou

Eryngium yuccafolia with Narrow Leaf Mountain Mint

Eryngium yuccafolia

Kansas (Louisiana) Blazing Star

Helianthus mollis


Monarda lindhiemeri

Narrow Leaf Mountain MInt above, below

Rudbeckia hirta

H. mollis

Blazing Star

bumble bee on Bee Balm

a heaven-scented culinary herb, Sweet Goldenrod, Solidago odora

a rare pollinator species, sweet spearmint scented herb, White Leafed Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum albescens var Malcolm’s Mint

Hibiscus aculeatus, Pine Land Hibiscus

a link to a recently written article on growing Mountain Mints in the Louisiana Native Plant Society summer newsletter by MarcPastorek

Click to access 38d545_8bd6ad3800674b4cb5ce61ef19ddc4f3.pdf

I hope you’ve enjoyed me sharing these images of my seed farm with you.

good gardening!


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