prairie wildflower field day in Eunice, Louisiana, Saturday

Nuttall’s Prairie Parsley – Polytaenia nuttalli (planted from seed collected at Eunice Prairie Restoration, in November of 1997, Meadowmakers seed preserve, Pearl River County, Mississippi)


Artists are at the edge of discovery and they discover things they often don’t understand.”         –    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson


“…in technology development, if you don’t have problems, you’re not taking enough risks.”              –        Patrick M. Shanohan


The Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society will be meeting on Saturday May 12, in Eunice for the annual spring field day event. The day starts at the expansive 330 acre restored prairie (initiated in 1996) in Duralde, La, followed by a garden tour of the best restored prairie in the South, the Eunice Cajun Prairie Restoration site, ten minutes away. The group will then move on to a lunch at Rocky’s Restaurant – that will include a presentation by prairie enthusiast/ Biologist Steven Dale Nevitt, titled “Micro-prairies, Prairie Gardens, and Prairie Plants in Your Landscape”.

After the presentation there will be a prairie wildflower seed and plant auction that helps raise money for the upkeep of these notable prairie gardens.

some of the plants that I will bring are the devinely spearmint-scented Picnanthemum albescens (Malcolm Mint), Brooksville Blue Panicum virgatum, Cyperus, Little Bluestem grass, and I will dig some field grown plants from the farm. I’ll have some seed to auction off, too!

for more information, check out  or call or contact Dr. Charles M. Allen, co-founder of the Cajun Prairie Society and project initiator at or 337-328-2252

I hope to see you there!


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