healthy habitats

butterfly acreage > butterfly gardens

cool Indian grass, Bluestem, and Pines, St Landry Parish, October 6 2017

wirey grassy cushion – Slender Bluestem grass


October Sunflowers, Asters and False Foxgloves

sunflower fence

happy trails

hello yellow

October 11 2017, St. Tammany Parish seed for a St Tammany Parish Garden


September 20, 2017 Vernon Parish, La

False Foxgloves and Golden Asters

fun with foxgloves


yesterday’s farm photos

groovy grid at the farm in Pearl River County, Miss.

sunflowery fall color


Bluestem grass turns red

aster fields

an aster field is like the California 405 for Bees and Butterflies

millions of flowers

a sight worth millions

Aster praealtus

monarch action photo – she seemed happy




4 thoughts on “healthy habitats

  1. Love the photos with the plant names. Wondering if you would look at an on line plant nursery named “woodlander” It seems like they have lots of natives that may be appropriate for our meadows. Maybe you could comment on some of the plants and their hardiness and tell me if burning them will kill them

    • Hi Terese, Woodlanders is one of the premier mail order nurseries in the southeast. Knowing the soil in your meadow as well as I do, and looking briefly through Wooodlanders catalog, I’d say there are many plants that’d do very well there. Amsonias, Baptisia, Habranthus, Hibiscus aculeatus, to name a few. But since you’re in a pine flat plant community, Sarracenias would be one of the most sought after genus for my tastes. Try Mr. Coleman Tarnoc and Kim Hawk’s 1990’s introduction, a cultivar called Sarracenia leucophylla var. “Tarnoc” (the only known double flowering Pitcher plant), and or other species – flava, psitticinia, minor, leucophylla, purpurea, etc., and Droseras, AND Venus Fly Traps! – all would be perfectly delighted to be in your boggy garden soil. You could grow a collection of carnivores. Also, try Niche Gardens, Plant Delights, and Almost Eden nurseries. they all sell high quality plants. Good luck!

  2. Muchos gracias, Janet! I count my many blessings – am grateful to all the prairie enthusiasts who have shared with me. :)))

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