prairie crescendo aligns with Monarch migration

October is the month for the riotous crescendo of flowering plants, the symphonic prairie song. The Monarch’s flyway-flythrough on the return trip to Mexico’s Fir forests is loaded with prairie nectar, for a reason.

Acadian Baptist Center’s newest phase of its prairie garden plantings – Doll’s Daisy in white, Swamp Sunflower in yellow, and topped with the blue of Eupatorium ivafolia.

There are no coincidences in nature. every wild area – natural area – is perfectly organized and logical, no matter how wild and wooly it may look. Doll’s Daisy, Swamp Sunflower and the Ivy leafed Thoroughwort scrap for ground now but will be pushed out from more permanent plants – over time. The fascinating nature of the process of natural succession happens to be an enjoyable pastime – to watch from day to day and from year to year.


Dr Joe and Charlotte Barron residence in Spearsville, Louisiana, a stone’s throw from the Arkansas/ Loosiana state line

pinky lavendar color of Agalinus, Gerardia, above


False Foxglove stirs-up the appetite of the Buckeye Butterfly caterpillars in Pineville, Loosiana

Landscape Designer Tony Tradewell in awe of the flowery flora. Tony and I worked together to make this garden happen.

white Eupatorium hyssopifolium, white Doll’s Daisy, bright yellow Swamp Sunflower, pink False Foxglove and Bluestem grass making the groovy scene at the Grant family’s hilltop home in the piney woods of central La.


State of Louisiana’s I-20 pollinator garden flourishing

Bluestem grass and Doll’s Daisy on the half-mile pollinator-prairie planting near Ruston La., along I-20

flowering stalks of Bluestem

a very cool garden it is indeed. Lots of the silvery leafed Whooly Croton (or Dove Weed, Goat Weed, or Hog Weed). A plant of many common names. The host plant for Goat Weed Leafwing butterflies.

At Charles Allen’s Annual Butterfly Blast on Saturday, I was shown the Goat Weed Leafwing larva wrapped up in what Linda Auld called a Leafwing burrito. 🙂 The larva is silvery colored, just like the Croton leaf.

Croton caterpillar, above


Bluestem front lawn upland area straddled by the Louisiana Iris gardens, at the St Landry visitor’s Welcome Center in Opalousas, La.


The City of West Monroe, the Biology Department at ULM, and Pastorek Habitats collaborated on the City’s Kiroli Park prairie garden in West Monroe. Its coming along very well, thank you. Purple Top on the hilltop!

The garden has taken on a “shady” character, with Purple-top Tridens grass covering the ground beautifully, accompanied by Little Bluestem grass, and Thoroughworts, Bee Balms, and Spotted Horse Mint.


Eunice Restoration Project from 120 meters

Eunice Prairie Restoration project gets a haircut. Pesky trees and shrubbery removed mechanically, the first step in our effort at grass-scape recovery. Go Team Cajun Prairie!


Everyone knows the best pollinator garden is the prairie garden. That’s where entomologists go when they want to find the fun bugs. That’s where smart landscape designers go to get natural.





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