prairie gardens are the gift of grit

On the Edge

“All of the exciting stuff that happens is not in the normal center, but on the edge.”

James Hitchmough, Horticulture Professor, University of Sheffield – New Directions in the American Landscape conference – February 2014



City of Mandeville/ La Dept of Transportation model of prairie – planted and managed by Pastorek Habitats, llc. Established in November 2014 – and not mowed or “weeded” even once. Controlled burn, only once in three years.


C’est Magnifique!



Bluestem grass is really going gangbusters right now, in full color and glory. Very pretty.



Doll’s Daisy just beginning to flower among the Bluestems in the garden

late summer and fall blooming Coreopsis linifolia is in its glory now and the bees and butterflies know it

The goal: to build multiple models of magnificence, to let the gardens speak for themselves – they seem to have a lot to say.


Vernon Fuselier’s home grown prairie gardens double as forage crop. Indian grass and Little Bluestem grasses dominate in some areas providing a strikingly beautiful landscape scene.

Odd things happen in a prairie garden. Fuselier’s prairie, Eunice, Louisiana


Louisiana Art and Science Museum, Baton Rouge, La.

Indian grass is the punk rocker of prairie plants – always making a scene


US Army is ready for anything

City of Franklinton, Washington Parish, Louisiana – US Army National Guard Readiness Center – native grass gardens and solar panels – a perfect pairing

radiant Indian grass seed heads

grassy bioswale with temporary zinnia cover crop still hanging on and productive after a year – butterfly numbers were amazing – Gulf Fritillary on pink California Giant zinnia flower


City of New Iberia/ La Dept of Transportation – Tallgrass Prairie garden – La 90 at La 83

Ryan Duhon (DOT) and James Foret (ULL) – prairie instigators


Brady’s Garden at the Oswalt Nature Trail on the campus of Copiah-Lincoln Community College

Brady Dunaway, in yellow shirt, and his fellow student volunteers make up the prairie  planting crew РNovember 2015

nice dense stands of Bluestem grass and Spotted Horse Mint with stellar population of Woods Gaillardia piunctuated by Lobelia puberula – that’s living.


prairies vary

St Landry Parish Louisiana, September 8, 2017

restored prairies are fountains of wondrous knowledge waiting to be explored, experienced.


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