flower power

Patience is not simply the ability to wait, it’s how we act while we’re waiting

—  Joyce Meyer

silphium integrifolia above

Silphium laciniata

Silphium gracile

Heterotheca subaxilaris, above

Liatris aspera

Salvia azurea and Big Bluestm with Cambell house in backround

Cambell House, in white




Experimental color  –  Wes Michaels, William Tietje, Marc Pastorek




4 thoughts on “flower power

  1. so dog,

    UWA, is dat in ARRRKANSAWWWW

    what dat sign say lafitte or did ya mean lafayette


    look dog it ain’t ever gonna stop rainin so get your scroungy lil prairie dog ass over here, we gots tangs ter do



  2. war da shit you buy dem seeds you n wes n will you prairiedog?

    wes tex? dems not prairiedog seeds man!


    Rrrrrrrrrrrrr, ruff

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, wuff

    sniff, snuffle, sniff-sniff



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