Allowing for space

Allow for space. It’s as important as playing the note.    George Porter Jr. – New Orleans  bassist/ musician


Mandeville meadow gardens July 30, 2017

meadow gardens are wrapped by manicured turf and perfect timing

Native grasses nurture native wildflowers, having grown together for thousands of years, they’ve developed a common bond, a symbiotic relationship – a push and pull of sorts, a ying and a yang.

subtle layers and patterns and contrasts…



Hammond prairie meadow blocks, form garden symmetry

July 31, 2017

Shaggy chic!  Magnifique! Oui!



Terese’s Abita Springs residence backyard preserve with pizazz.

July 29,2017

reducing carbon footprint – taking giant-leap steps of practicality


Carriere, Mississippi grid garden

structured wildness


Folsom, Louisiana meadow gardens – flowering rooms

designed paths widen and narrow at the behest of a mower

This Folsom meadow garden is laden with tens of thousands of flowers of Narrow Leafed Mountain Mint (Picnanthemum tenuifolium), Button Snakeroots, Bee Balms. Summer flowering plants shine and then finally fade, bowing to late summer Asters, Goldenrods, Blazing Stars, Swamp Sunflowers and False Foxgloves. All of these are accompanied by the ever present beauty and character and delicacy of native grasses, the essential structural bones of the garden. Grasses are winter cover for pollinating insects. Insects, like Butterflies and Skippers overwinter in open, sunny, unmowed fields like prairie meadows and fallow fields.

Mowing some: good.

Mowing all: not good.


Abita Flatwoods Preserve Hillside Bog – spacial patterns

July 30, 2017

trees and shrubs in green, and herbs and grasses in reddish brown, patterns of form and color, appear in ancient relict vegetation.



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