prairies are gardens

At the prairie Farm

seedling color variation in Monarda fistulosa. seed origin – Cajun Prairie

typical color

a darker variation

possibly Monarda lindhiemeri


bees love the stuff!!



Slender Celery in the Sideyard

its hard to capture the aura of the planting in photography, but I tried 🙂

It was rad.

St. Tammany, Louisiana




Greg Grant is one of the most prolific gardeners. I first met him at the Southern Garden History meeting in Brehnan, Texas in 1990. Greg reintroduced the South to some of its own best heirloom plants – brought old timey plants back into the horticulture trade. He bought a mix of seed from us for this pine prairie restoration project below in video.

his blog……





Maidencane grass,  Vermillion parish ditch

Maidencane grass Cameron Parish wet prairie

Cameron Parish wet prairie, Louisiana  June 9, 2017

a fuzzy leafed Hibiscus about to form bloom buds – Hibiscus leucophyllus



what happens if we don’t save prairie and conserve natural land?


John Weaver drawing of prairie roots from the 1930’s


tour of Harrell Prairie Botanical Area Bienville National Forest with Mississippi State Botanist Heather Sullivan, Saturday, June 17

Click to access 2017_May_Newsletter.pdf




Doug and Mary’s prairie garden in Folsom was stunningly beautiful yesterday. Dropped in to catch some photos, to see progress. Three years time from seed and looking lovely, with many flowering Button Snakeroots, Narrow Leafed Mountain Mints, Black Eyed Susies and Bee Balms.

good day all!


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