to garden is to live!

To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.
Mahatma Ghandi



City Park New Orleans Sculpture Garden team field research trip to observe the natural New Orleans garden


If ever you get a chance to see the sights along the Bayou Coquille trail at the Jean Lafitte National Park, twenty minutes south of the Crescent City, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana – do so. Step back into the real world and observe its subtleties.


One of the many wonderful discoveries along the trail Thursday was a robust population of Thalictrum dasycarpum, Purple Meadow Rue just bolting to bloom.

img_7061 img_7058

Marsh Fern was abundant in pools of water, above and below



the deep green clumps of Carex or Cyperus with Dwarf Palmetto, above and below




two Hollies, Ilex verticilata in fruit, above left, and evergeen leaves of Ilex cassine, right


dense vegetation of the running, massing, blue leafed, Shoreline Sedge, Carex hyalinolepis


Luna Moth napping along the trail


Green Garden burn, Folsom, La., February 17, 2017


the Green meadow garden has in it, zillions and zillions of flowering perennials, above,  Narrow Leaf Mt Mint, Bee Balm, Rattlesnake Master, and Hyssop-Leafed Thoroughwort etcetera



Doug Green, outstanding in his field, above


above, blue foliaged rosette of Eryngium yuccafolia in foreground, and the burgeoning flames



some good leaping “flamage” comes with the head-fire crescendo


an otherwise hidden interior path and central open-space, revealed


fisheye view of garden conflagration ha, protective black line

Tuesday was prep day making fire lines. The two photos below were taken just one hour apart, 4:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m., demonstrating what refracting light does to the color of frosted Bluestem grass




City of Mandeville prescribed fire set for this week


The Bluestem grass stand at the Mandeville Wildflower Conservation Park is extremely dense and should fuel quite a stir when lit


the burn is likely Monday about ten oclock, if the weather holds. Ya’ll come!


the two gardens, just a door or two down from City Hall, have been a delight for me – not sure about the community. I am sure people are wondering when the City will ever fix their bush hog and mow that sucker down 🙂


Link of the week!

Urban Land Magazine highlights two Pastorek Habitats design-consulting projects – Lafitte Greenway and the Louisiana Children’s Museum


Candi and Marc Pastorek, to be guests of Tulane University’s Dr. Peter Ricchiutti‘s radio program Out To Lunch, May 30th, Commander’s Palace, New Orleans, La


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