Dr. Mac Vidrine’s recollections of Frey Prairie

Mac’s blog post

Malcolm F. Vidrine, friend of the planet, Biologist, zoologist, prairie ecologist, pioneering gardener and author, writes a blog. check into it when you can. Here are his latest thoughts, from the school of scientific hard knocks.  – in the link below.




Cajun Prairie Society meeting April 8, 2017, Eunice, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana


Eric, center, and Brian Early, Eric’s principal assistant in the project, on right, with hard-earned Cajun prairie seed

The Cajun Prairie dogpack will meet in Eunice once again to see prairie gardens in the Eunice area. Eric Vanbergen, a 15 year-old prairie advocate and activist, will be the guest speaker at the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society’s 30th year spring field day meeting, April 8th, 2017. Eric will share the story of the development and recent planting of a two acre prairie garden project at Ascension Episcopal school, in Youngsville, Louisiana. You will not be disappointed with this young man’s presentation, and you’ll admire his enthusiasm, I guarantee.


Rootin’ around!


who says perennials aren’t evergreen? This is yesterday, in the garden in Covington, digging a two year seedling of Rudbeckia subtomentosa, the August flowering Blackeyed Susie.


potting this up for a friend…


Paula burns her prairie


a friend who lives in New Iberia, Louisiana sent this photo of his wife, Paula, above, outstanding in her prairie field — the garden, just burned and inter-seeded with Cajun Prairie habitat seed, above.

They are restoring a tiny patch of ground in their side yard, attempting to bring nature back to an area where the Great Southwestern Prairie of Louisiana once existed.


“Butterfly – No-Mow” signs I-20 east bound Rest Area, Lincoln Parish, La.


La Dept of Transportation’s half-mile pollinator garden


not too shabby…


Tall Grass Prairie signs, Highway 190, New Iberia


Mr. Al the Live Oak and his prairie companion, hangin’ out by the highway


don’t come round here with your mower, no.


thistles are rad.


found some robust Cirsium horridulum plants in the prairie garden

Dr. Mac Vidrine says that the common thistle is a wonderful butterfly nectar plant since its so early to rise and shine. For some reason, most people have an aversion to the plant. what’s up with that?  hmmm


Keep off the prairie grass 🙂


New prairie bollards installed Tuesday at Covington’s Nature Trail park’s wetland retention basin, a native grass meadow. St. Tammany Parish, La


Gardens of Grassiness at Hamilton Hall, ULL, become Biological Classroom

Wednesday I met with Dr. Phyllis Griffard to discuss her interest in using the prairie garden at Hamilton Hall, University of Louisiana in Lafayette, for her freshman Biology class. Fun stuff. We talked about Dr. William J. Platt’s work at Chappapeela and Bio project idea possibilities that students might work out using the garden.


Red Buckeye, Red coral bean, red Louisiana iris, foreground concrete cut out



above, last week’s wintry sleepy look


and in June


Rudbeckia Texana is a nearly evergreen plant in the winter garden, always with nice n’ neat foliage year round. The only things keeping this garden from the mowers is the “pollinator” sign in the garden and a certain University Professor who demanded compliance from the mower crew supervisor and grounds manager. ha


Eastern Gamma grass, Hibiscus mosheutos, Big Bluestem and Kosteletskya virginica, above, holding court, in June. Inquisitive students planted this amazing garden a few years ago, with the help of some prairie dogs. wuff wuff!


an amazing arboretum of very old trees and garden plants lovingly wraps Hamilton Hall



dang. Live Oaks are amazing plants


prairie going mainstream, ya’ll!


Katy Prairie Conservancy – School prairie garden Houston,Texas – photo by Jaime Gonzales – Jaime is a force of nature.





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