have prairie, will travel

“While I know the standard claim is that Yosemite, Niagara falls, the upper Yellowstone and the like, afford the greatest natural shows, I am not so sure but the Prairies and Plains, while less stunning at first sight, last longer, fill the esthetic sense fuller, precede all the rest, and make North America’s characteristic landscape.”

– Walt Whitman


In the Deep South, November is the time of prairie grasses. Little Bluestem, Elliot’s Bluestem, and Split Beard Bluestem grass, with a few Blazing Stars, all in seed, last week, above.


I again was given the gift of the opportunity for gathering amazing God’s-gift seed collections yet another year, from some stellar stands of natural prairie. This year makes 25 years of doing this.



above, even a dreary overcast day is brightened by the study of a prairie grass landscape garden – last week in St Tammany Parish – a three year old prairie garden from cool seed


1 thought on “have prairie, will travel

  1. prairiedog

    i don’t see an image of the three year old prairie you were referencing, how do i get to that?

    peace love possumhugs


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