I-55 suffering from a bad case of Wooly Golden Ragwort!

One of the most scenic highways in the two state region of Loosiana and Mississippi,, when it comes to wildflower color, is the I-55 corridor, from Hammond, Loosiana to north of Copiah County, Mississippi – about sixty miles. Drive up or down that road on the first of May and be dazzled by color swaths that go for miles and miles. When you see the yellow of the Ragwort, you’ll know your in remnant Long Leaf Pine prairie. Pull-over, get out and walk, and you’ll stumble amongst the Little Bluestem grasses and Green Milkweeds that are so prevalent, In some areas, like in Brookhaven (Ms) and if I recall correctly, Amite (La.), you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of the Green Milkweed. Lots of Milkweeds, folks!


click on these-here pics and you will see a tiny sample of the aesthetic beauty of the I-55 corridor


In this case, a picture does not say a thousand words, as the old saying goes, it barely scratches the surface of what the reality is. The reality is a colorful landscape comparable to the most glorious alpine meadow. Shall I sing now? “….the hills are alive! with the sound of music…la-la-la!…”

Any moment now, the mowers will come and wipe it all away – clean slate, ya’ll!

I am curious, how many millions of dollars could be saved each year by just doing close-to-the-raodside mowing in May (just like Texas does), and leave the pretty flowers to the butterflies and bees until June or July, and let them go to seed until the second DOT mowing occurs.

But, I guess we will never know. Booom!!

Got to work in the clasping Coneflower intensity at The U.S. Foods facility, in Flowood, Miss. again for a couple of days, doing my spray work and prepping for November prairie seed. its more intense now than a couple weeks ago. Peaking out, now.


my bio-retention swale


parking lot bee plot


parking entrance is a bit blinding, I must say.

When times call for a cover crop, use something pretty instead. 🙂

Doug Tallamy and Bill Welch headline Louisiana Master Gardener Conference in New Orleans!

Click to access lmg16%20conference%20agenda%20-%20final%202016-02-29.pdf

If you haven’t been to see the Cajun Prairie Habitat Preservation Society’s Restored Prairie project site, the best time to go is when you can see Chris Reid do his talk on restoring coastal prairie. That’s next Saturday, folks, get wit’ it!!!

native@camtel.net for more info


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