PH chosen as horticultural consultant for Detroit urban meadows project

Pastorek Habitats has been chosen by Mossop and Michaels Landscape Architects, NO, La., as one the guiding forces behind the horticulture that will be used in naturalized meadow designs for the new Livernois McNichols Public Realm and Landscape Plan, in the Fitzgerald neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan – Detroit Land Bank Authority. We will work to design new approaches to management of urban green spaces for the neighborhood.

LSU Landscape Architecture Prof. Wes Michaels will lead a team of specialists that will explore, develop, and demonstrate ecological avenues, over the next few years, to establish sustainable, ecologically functioning landscapes, driven by color and beauty – and ease of care. Go Team Motown!!!

Stay tuned for updates on this timely subject. The project comes after our recent work with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority work in the Gentilly area of, New Orleans where we have been experimenting with these same ideas.


Pastorek Habitats LLC to consult with Reed-Hilderbrand Landscape Architects on LSU’s Hilltop Arboretum – Masterplan Revision and Refinement – natural prairie-meadow areas.

Perspectiver_Birds Eye-2

Bird’s eye perspective of the Hilltop Arboretum, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Reed Hilderbrand, Cambridge Mass.

I visited Hilltop Arboretum recently to survey for vegetation and determine soil characteristics in the future-meadow areas order to establish final baseline of information for prairie establishment and management at the Arbo’s northern end. This idea has been slowly cooking for five or more years with the Landscape Architectural firm Reed Hilderbrand leading the way to finalizing the masterplan for the Arbo. Last year, a busload of Hilltop officers and members toured our meadow garden farm in Pearl River County, Mississippi last summer. They musta’ liked what they saw!


above, looking north from the pond edge at Hilltop, into the central part of the soon-to-be native meadow areas!

We will be fine-tuning a plan of action for this part of the Arboretum design – hammering out the hydrology and plant community details, and then soon……. build it! Whoop-whoop!! see RH’s link on the project below



City Park natural prairie meadows, New Orleans – winter wonderland

The City Park -Scout Island prairie project is going into its seventh year, a cool spot for viewing wildlife in the Big Easy.


New Orleans City Park’s prairie project manager John Hopper and Park horticulturist Tyler Havens before a cool patch of Bluestem grass, at the Scout Island Coastal Prairie planting, NO, La.   -February 4, 2016 – we met last week so that we could see the gardens and get a plan of action together for the management for this happnin’ spot for the summer growing season. John has carried the torch for the prairie since the idea was conceived. He still does. He gets it – he understands that the prairie evolves. Its dynamic.



newsflash!!!!! —–  Prairie Dogs are Getting Really Old!!!!! wuff-wuff!

The Louisiana Native Plant Society meeting in Pollock was a fun gig. A fine group of native enthusiasts collaborated to arrange for nine speakers to cover a variety of prairie-oriented subjects. There were plants sold and auctioned, hands shaken and – plenty of general hobnobbing. A photo was taken of a bunch of prairie dogs, but we were lacking the King Fish, Bill Fontenot :(((


above, hot prairie dogs fresh from the Prairie Society field trip, August 2000 (photo in the book The Cajun Prairie: A Natural History by Mac Vidrine) – William R. Fontenot, fourth from left


old prairie dogs, getting older – February 2016 – left to right – Marc Pastorek, Dr. Charles M. Allen, Peter Loos, Prof. Jim Foret, Dr. Malcolm F. Vidrine, Larry Allain. Jim stood in for Bill. :)))  I told Pete Loos he needs to cut that hair so us bald guys can make Donald Trump hairpieces out of it – there’s enough to go around  🙂


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