time and space – building native habitat


Happy New Year to all! 🙂

kindly follow the link below for Dr. Malcolm Vidrine’s recent posts on natural gardening with prairie in southwestern Louisiana. You will enjoy the brief journey, I hope.

Time and Space: The Cajun Prairie Restoration Project in pictures 25 years after installation

January 5, Winter Plant Identification Workshop – Pitkin, Louisiana – Dr. Charles M. Allen leads field trips to various high quality vegetation sites in and around Kisatchie National Forest Vernon District and his Bed and Breakfast (homeplace pollinator gardens) – 337-328-2252 native@camtel.net


Dr. Allen is one of the leading plant Taxonomists (folks) in the region. He makes field botany fun!


He has spent his life studying plants in Louisiana


…and in other parts of the world…

January 13, Louisiana State Horticulture Society annual meeting LSU AgCenter Experiment Station, Hammond Louisiana


Hammond Station is a great garden to visit, even in winter…

January 16, Hilltop Arboretum Annual Symposium —   The Living Landscape: Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity in the Home Garden – This should be a great day spent with Rick Darke and Dr. Doug Tallamy in the house talking about the subject of their new book! If you haven’t heard them speak, you’re hiding under a rock somewhere. :)))))


February 6, Camp Hartner, Pollock, Louisiana, Louisiana Native Plant Society Annual Meeting —– Gardening with Prairie —  Seven leading regional prairie experts will speak briefly on specific prairie ecology topics. I hope to be there to hear these talented folks speak and to maybe do some botanizing – see the link below for info





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