Heather Sullivan leads July MNPS trip to big trees in the Delta

The Mississippi Native Plant Society will host a field trip to the Mississippi Delta region, lead by first-class Botanist and all-around good person, Heather Sullivan. This note from Heather via Dr. Debora Mann, Dept of Biology, Millsaps College.

Heather is Botanist with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, Mississippi.

“Central Region Field Trip July 11th to Sky Lake Nature Trail.  The State Champion Bald Cypress is found on this scenic boardwalk trail through a cypress swamp.  Sky Lake is located north of Belzoni on Highway 7;  go north on Hwy 7 approximately 8 miles, and turn left on Four Mile Road.  Go approximately 3 miles to permit station, and take left at permit station on Lake Road (or Simmons Road).  Go approximately 0.25 miles to the Wildlife Management Area headquarters on the right.  We will meet at the parking lot at 9 a.m. The trail is shady, but mosquitoes will be present.  Anyone interested to going should let me know by email.  Heather.sullivan@mmns.state.ms.us ”




and these are just the small ones! 🙂


above is a cool photo of a topography map of the central GC and interior. I shot this in the office of Dr. Richard Brown, Museum of Entomology, Mississippi State University, June 2012. It demonstrates the vastness of the Mississippi Delta region. I flew over the Delta in a prop plane some years ago at about 10,000 feet, during the time the cotton was ready to be picked. It looked like there had been a blizzard below us- white as far as the eye could see.


a not-so-swift graphic of what you see in Dr. Brown’s topo, maybe helpful descriptively somewhat. The Appalachians, jutting into what was the Mississippi embayment shoreline (the ancient Black Belt region of Mississippi and Alabama), the Piney Flatwoods of the Louisiana Florida Parishes, The Delta region, and notice the scale of the watershed of the Mobile-Tensas River, taking in the Escatawpa, Tombigbee-Warrior, Coosa, etc.


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