Bot Garden “Formal Native Gardening” lecture/LSU Arbo Garden Tour, and lots more! its spring!

I will be speaking about building formal gardens using native plant design, Saturday, 2:30-3:30, at the New Orleans Botanical Garden Spring Garden Show. Its an honor to speak to this great institution and I usually get an enthusiastic crowd for my talks, hope yo see you there. I’ll try to make it fun.
Sunday is an event sponsored and produced by LSU’s Hilltop Arboretum, their annual spring garden tour. Its a chance to see a really wonderful recreated old garden open to the public for this one day. Like stepping back in time two hundred years…. I will be answering questions about the wildflowers and grasses on the property. Others will talk on different aspects of the property, house, and gardens.
above, a photo-bombing pigeon at Park Guell, Barcelona, Spain, at the intersection of the Serpentine Benches, The Guell Park Market Place and the Guell Park “Wave”, last week.
Dr. Trent James will talk on antique camellias, Charles Perilloux (Louisiana Irises), Peggy Martin and Margaret Ganier (antique roses), Johnny Naylor (vegetable and herb garden), Randy Harelson (site history), Paul Orr (wetlands) and Cheryl and Wayne Stromeyer (formal parterre and history of the home).
The Old Garden roses in the Chene Vert parterre gardens are in peak flower and there is an amazing collection of them there along with perennials and other such stuff. Lovingly trained large climbing roses arch over the small entrance gates into the parterre. The two houses on the property are of the 1825-1830 era, with the fenced-in parterre design taken from a New Orleans home design from 1825. The homes are surrounded by lush rolling topography with a substantial collection of old Live Oak trees and an adjoining marsh-swamp bayou area. Its is truly a garden of significance, one to see.
I will be guiding some experimental meadow designs in the next few years at the Strohmeyer’s Chene Vert. Should be fun, ya’ll.
Grand Isle Birding Festival

When Apr 17 – 19, 2015
This Annual Celebration Event, initiated in 1998, was created in part to support the purchase and management of the Grand Isle Sanctuary to protect some of the last remaining undeveloped chenier habitats (live oak ridges). Only 10% of these forest habitats that once existed on much of Grand Isle still exist today. The Sanctuary Group sponsors the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration annually to correspond with peak bird migration in April. This event is hosted by Grand Isle Sanctuary Group and supported by the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program. The Grand Isle Community Development Team, as well as The Louisiana Nature Conservancy, are also major cosponsors for this event.
Mississippi Native Plant Society Annual Meeting/Native Lily Extravaganza!
If you’ve never been to Scott County and seen the awesome natural Atamasco stands, loaded with Blue Woods Phlox, and all kinds of other delectables, …..well, duh. You. Must. Go!!

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