Industrial building in Jackson, Miss. to get LEED prairie landscape

Drove to the farm yesterday to pick up tools for the burn at Eunice today, while en route to the first landscape construction meeting for a new huge foods distribution facility being built just east of the Jackson Mississippi. While I was at the farm, I planted some Long Leaf seedlings that Rick Webb got for me to add another generation of pines into the seed fields. I’m trying to get the ambiance there just right. But seriously, I want the pine needle fuel for hotter fires. This will help with suppression of woody encroachment and for increased biodiversity. Plus, long Leaf Pine is about the most beautiful plant. I am getting some seedlings showing-up from the fifteen year old Momma plants I planted way back when so the new seedlings will have company with their distant cousins.


Long Leaf pines got their feet in the ground, were smiling at me when I left them 🙂


did a lot of work this year at the farm. can’t wait to see it all in June.


our burn and seeding work in October is greening-up the ground


old plants of Penstemon digitalis and laevigata rosetting-up


Little Bluestem, green, green.


narrow-leaf Mountain Mint, yum, yum


Monarda, Monarda, Monarda


massive Jackson building gets prairie troupe'(in golden-brown) at the entrance, the north side basically, of the plan. Four acres! click to enlarge the design


probably fifteen acres of steel building. Holy bovine!


Trent Rhodes, the Landscape Architect who did the landscape design, called me three years ago to consult on the general idea regarding the prairie landscape. We will be working on construction and management of it until its well established in spring of 2018. Amen, Amen.

I remember many years ago, when I had first started my work with native prairie, I was attending the Cullowhee Native Plant Conference. In conversation with a friend, Plato Touliatos, he said to me, “I didn’t know there was a market for prairie landscaping in Mississippi”. I told him “There isn’t, I intend to build one”.

wow. Thanks to all the people and the powers that be that got me to this point here during my stay on the planet. What a wild ride it has been and how grateful I am for the experience.


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