a tiny cool-plant herb garden/ article mention in New Orleans Magazine

Its a tiny garden at our house here in Covington that I’ve enjoyed immensely. Sixteen feet long and about eight feet wide, is all. It has some good garden plants in it, many of which are natives; some not. Just planted this time last year after I cleared out what was there, during the previous summer. Below is a crude drawing of it followed by a species list and a series of photos through the last year. At the very bottom is a link to the New Orleans magazine article on Charlotte and Jean Seidenberg’s garden and home in Covington, Louisiana.


1. Leersia oryzoides   Rice grass

2. Stokesia “peachie’s pick”

3. Eryngium yuccafolium  Button Snakeroot

4. Boxwood hedge, I wish I had planted dwarf yaupon instead ha what was I thinking?

5. Conradina canescens, Coastal Rosemary, and Phlox pilosa, “Forest Frost” Phlox

6. Manfreda veriegata ‘Will Fleming”, Mottled Manfreda

7. Pycnanthemum alsbescens “Malcolm’s Spearmint” and “Early Bird” Rudbeckia fulgida

8. Salvia X Amastad

9. existing old chines fan Palm

10. Saturjea georgiana, Georgia Savory

11. Hymenocallis liriosme, Spider Lily

12. Aster dumosus, Rice Button Aster

13. Monarda fistulosa, Bee Balm

14. Phlox Pilosa ‘Forest Frost”

15. Rudbeckia subtomentosa, Sweet Black Eyed Susie

16. post pedestals (3)

17. Sorgastrum nutans “Cajun Prairie”, Indian Grass


above, I had put the boxes and the pedestals in a year or two earlier, click on the photo to enlarge it


some bamboo canes surrounding the garden to keep “critters” out, poor Monty 😦


Saturjea and White leafed Mountain Mint in bloom to the left and Salvia Amastad, purple at top, with barely visible Salvia Coccinea “white form”, to the left of the far left pedestal. Native Rosemary at immediate foreground


rich textural stuff going-on


Sweet Blackeyed Susan, Rudbeckia subtomentosa in its glory. my cherished old timey Petunia is in late summer growth spurt and a few blooms on it. How fragrant-sweet it is.


Subtomentosa all-done blooming, in about October


above, This morning, enjoying the deadness, and the living


Sokesia, in summer


Sweet leaf Rudbeckia, in August


Native Rosemary


Manfreda at planting, one year ago


Manfreda variegata foliage summer


Manfreda foliage this morning, February 3


out this world flowering part of the Texas-native Manfreda variegata, five feet off the ground, about july


Salvia “white form”


my son Cale’s “twister” pot and my “family” sculpture


an old favorite, the heavy scented, old old time petunia


the obscure but notable Leersia orysoides, settled in on its own and I have cared for it

Here’s the link to New Orleans magazine’s article





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