Crosby Arboretum bog burns nicely/ Hilltop Arboretum Symposium Lectures and plant sales

Wonderful burns at the Crosby Arboretum Bog Exhibit Wednesday. We spent about six hours and burned three compartments, about 9 acres of the bog area. We started at ten in the morning and could barely get a fire started. But after the humidity dropped and the wind kicked up, we had some really sweet roaring fires. We finished up and everybody was safe and the fire contained. Nice job to all who helped.


Houston, we have liftoff!


Nice fine fuel load of about 2 or 3



The Antique Rose Emporium will represent at the Hilltop Winter Symposium tomorrow morning in Baton Rouge. I will be hunting for some hard-to-find roses when I show up. The Antique Rose folks are expected to have some great plants available for you to purchase. These are some of the best plants to garden with. I know a dozen or two of the cultivars they grow really well but there is never enough room for roses. Can’t wait.

I will be talking about native herbaceous companion plants for garden borders and backyard natural meadows. I’ll talk about how some of the premiere plant nurseries in the country are selling and promoting natives to be used in fine horticultural design.

here is my power point presentation. I think you can upload it by clicking it.

hilltop baton rouge

Notice I mention James Hitchmough on the last few slides. He will be speaking at LSU on April , 2015. awesome

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