Louisiana Arboretum unveils new interpretive design

It was a fun time spent yesterday at the Louisiana Arbo north of Ville Platte. There was the dedication ceremony held, some delish Cajun jambalaya served, and lots of groovy folks.

We were celebrating the good work done over the last three years by volunteers and Arboretum staff, to build a more solidly focused interpretive exhibit through part this 600 acre Arboretum.

They were up to the task and did a really fantastic job. If you haven’t been to The Arbo you should make a trip at least once. Lots of old forest plants; a very unique site. Jim Foret invited me to the event. Glad he did and glad I got to walk some of the trails again. Its been years since I’d been there. Think I’ll go more regularly. Its a great place to visit. Trilliums and other spring ephemerals will soon be in bloom on the slopes there.


“Prof Jim” Foret aka the Possum, unveils the new sign design. Jim is Pres of the Friends of the Arboretum group.


nice trees at the Arbo. no kidding. Trails through a beautiful Beech-Magnolia forest


a small garden border of native prairie; an area planted with clumps from the Eunice restoration site and seed that I collected from Cajun Prairie remnants, planted three years ago. Its really doing well. This is right at the parking, entrance walk to the Visitor’s Center.


click to enlarge the trail map


cool beans.

The Arbo now has individual plant species signs and interpretive ecology signs, so its a much more informative visit. For the visitors center lobby, there’s a collection of the signs in miniature, bound in book form, and available to anyone to look through.

Hats-off to the folks who helped push this effort through. To the staff, past and present, and to the Friends group, job well done! Oh, and to Susan Hester Edmonds, who directed the grant writing and construction extravaganza. Thanks so much, all, for the stewardship and preservation of this very special plot of land, and for so many years!


Special thanks too, to J.D LaFluer, A.G Lawton, Caroline Dorman!!!!


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