Alternative Native Lawn and Hilltop Arboretum talk with Antique Rose Emporium’s Mike Shoup and LSU’s Lake Douglas, etc

I am so excited to say I will be speaking about grass gardens on January 24th with Michael Shoup, Lake Douglas and another fellow from North Carolina who will be speaking on Camellias, I can’t recall his name. It’ll all be posted on the Arbo website soon. Its the Hilltop annual gardening symposium, ya’ll. Should be a great morning spent talking about groovy plants and design. I know Mike Shoup from back in 1993 when the Southern Garden History Society had their first meeting there. I got to see Mike’s Antique Rose Emporium then for the first time and met Will Flemming for the first time, too, in a wonderful sculpture garden where he had designed and built a super-fab rock garden, complete with pools of water pocketed in. It was saawweeeeet!!

I’ll post again about the Hilltop symposium when the details are published.

check out these oldie but goodie pics from 2002 in Kirksville Missouri when a bunch of us prairie folks, the Louisiana contingent, attended the North American Prairie Conference that summer.


pretty bad quality photo since this was film and not digital and sized so they don’t get bigger opened up. This is Susan Allen, the Prairie Matron of Honor of Louisiana.


And this is Cale, my second son at age 13. From there, I took Cale all the way up to see Aldo Leopold’s Cabin and the Prairie gardens at the U of Wisconsin, Madison and went as far as Lake Superior. A sweet deal, mais yea.  Its Echinacea pallida in the pic, pale purple coneflower. pretty nice fields of it at Frank Oberle’s farm just a few miles fro the town of Kirksville, home of Truman State University. He had acres and acres of this kind of stuff. Frank is an amazing photographer. check out his prairie photos at the link below. hHe also runs a prairie farm and B and B.     cool, dude. this kind of stuff stirs me to do lots of crazy wonderful things. Frank told me he hauls 18 wheelers of seed off his property each year, headed to the seed thrashing factory, for eventual seed sales.  say whut?

speaking on Alternative Native Lawns on December 13th at Parkway Partners, New Orleans. check the link below


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