Long Leaf pine herbs workshop

Very excited to announce that I have been asked to be a participant in a workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation in Mobile, Alabama in October titled Exploring Heterogeneity in the Ecology, Restoration, and Management of Long Leaf Pine Groundcover. How cool is that? Little old me. 🙂

I will be one of 40 individuals on the workshop panel who will undoubtedly learn a lot that day. Can’t wait! Yip!

“The workshop will bring together a diverse mix of ecologists, restoration professionals, and managers to discuss and identify the existing knowledge, key assumptions, and unanswered questions related to the high biodiversity and heterogeneity of these communities.  Our workshop will be broad in scope – including ecology, restoration, and management, as well as the links among them – while remaining focused on groundcover.  As a participant, you would have opportunities to better develop communication across the network of longleaf groundcover practitioners (researchers, decision-makers, etc.).  We will collectively identify key unanswered questions concerning longleaf groundcover, and chart a course to bridge gaps that we together identify between research and management.”

The workshop is in conjunction with the combined Eastern Native Grass Symposium and the Long Leaf Alliance Conference which is scheduled for October 21-24.

Hope to see you there.

here’s the link to the conference, yall.



stylized rendering of Long Leaf and Sumac, Walter Anderson


Slash Pine, Walter Anderson



Pine homesite, oil on canvas, Phil Bourgeois (private collection)


Abita Preserve, yesterday


Asclepias tuberosa, Crosby Arboretum, yesterday


ahhh, enjoy the cool front in mid-july. nice weather outside folks, get out and get some.

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