Leavenworth’s Sedge has mind of its own, makes awesome shade meadow in City Park, New Orleans

I could have tried for years and not gotten as sweet a stand as He himself has. I’m talking about a cool natural sedge meadow in City Park that happened, on its own. Here in the south we have a hard time growing some of the popular Carex species garden plants that they can grow easily up above the Mason-Dixon. Maybe the reason is that sedges grow in the summer up there and in the winter down here. At least generally speaking.

Ours are dormant in the hottest part of the year and are at there best in the winter. They work in the off-season.

On Scout Island, New Orleans City Park, two particularly significant botanical finds can be had. One is the natural sedge meadow. Its at the south end of the “Island” and just east of the bridge to Goat Island, under the Live Oaks. Its the bomb. Check it out one day. Should be in peak right now. Going to see it Friday when I do my management stuff at the prairie planting there.

The Carex there is leavenworthii, a cool-breeze plant that is a rich dark green shaggy-chic-carpet under the dry and shade of Live Oak. A nice green element where lawn grass would find it hard to grow and persist. It looks good here all year.


Carex leavenworthii shows off its simple beauty at the edge of the way-old Live Oak. A scene from the movie Django Unchained was shot here


Leavenworth’s Sedge in fruit last year, about this time.

While you’re there, you’ve got to go see the Jolly-Green-Giant Burford Hollies. They are the largest Burfords that I know of. They must be in the seventy and eighty plus year old range. If you are walking out of Scout from the sedge(north), you’ll see the old 1960’s-70’s Boy Scout flag pole in a field to the west of the road. Just south of the flag pole is the Holly Grove, mixed among a woodlot. DUDE. Imagine my surprise when one day I was surveying the woods there and I look up and see group of about five or seven massive hollies. They are amazing plants and should be on the City Park map(they may be state champs). I think they should be marked on the CP map as “the Pastorek Hollies” since nobody else seems to care about ’em. 🙂    Hollies need lovin’, too!


used my boot for scale. click on to enlarge


massive trunk girth. Gnarly dude.

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