cool-cat prairie ecologist Larry Weaner Skypes with LSU Meadows class

It was a fun day yesterday at the Urban Meadows class. I pulled up to my parking spot on campus just outside the front door of the Design building and its roped off for who other than moi!

In case you don’t know, being a guest on campus and having a legal parking place on the LSU campus is like having reservations at the famous New Orleans restaurant Galitoire’s, it almost doesn’t exist.


Anyway, we got Larry on line and he did a wonderful job articulating the intricacies of prairie landscaping enough to satisfy our thirst. He was kind enough to spend 45 minutes reeling through the techniques he has spent thirty years honing.

For those of you who don’t know of Larry, he is an amazing force. He is based in Philly and travels about the northeast gracing property with ecological substance. He is a nationally known speaker and has hosted the New Directions in the American Landscape ecological design and landscaping conference since its inception twenty-five years ago. I was first introduced to Larry when he asked me to speak at a New Directions spin-off conference in Mississippi with he and Ed Blake back in 2008, just after the economy fell off the cliff. Then, he and I were hired and worked together very closely for over a year as native plant-meadow consultants for the award-winning Lafitte Corridor project with the Design Workshop.

Wes Michaels was particularly helpful with guiding the conversation since he had a bunch of really good questions to ask. Good thing he didn’t leave that up to me. 🙂



above: Larry covers design and management of meadows via Skype for the LA crowd. Technology rocks, ya’ll!! Wes has committed to having Larry come and visit, do a Guest Lecture thing next year for the Urban Meadows class. Cool? or whut?


above: the photo-friendly portion of the Meadows class at the Abita Flatwoods Preserve, Abita Springs, La, on our field trip last Saturday. The other part of the class was busy removing their muddy boots, getting ready to head out to the Abita Brew Pub for lunch (it was a long morning in the field, the kids were thirsty). This photo kinda looks like the 70’s grunge-rocker band album cover. Lead guitarist Wes Michaels is at far left. click on the photo.

We are headed to Houston for three days in April to see the Nash Prairie, Russ Pitman Park, Katy Prairie Preserve, Peckerwood Gardens, and the piece de resistance!………a garden and killer sedge-meadow created by the incomparable and masterful hands of fourth-degree-black-belt-garden-designer-plantsman and famous Texan, Will Flemming.

If you are interested in going to Houston with us, just send me a note and LSU will include you and pay all of your expenses!


just kidding…APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!  wah wah wah…

hahahahahahaha see ya


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