puppy love

The best part of being a “guest instructor” for the Conservation Biology Lab class at LS and U is that I get to go to the lecture classes which are the basis for the Lab (and are the bomb!). Every time I walk out of the lecture, I’m riding on air. Dr Bill Platt, the lead instructor has so much insight into our coastal biology. I am enjoying this education greatly. Its a pretty cool gig, ya’ll, if you can get it.

Kimber, Dr Platt’s terrierish dog is also a “guest instructor”, but she has a few more stripes than I do. She has earned her stripes by hearing these lectures and lab discussions for many years. At 112 years old, Kimber is by far the oldest of the folks in class(although last week I was feeling like I was about 113). She makes her rounds occasionally, checking that all is good and proper and then she will proceed to lay back down and “listen” with her eyes closed.



Ms. Kimber uses an empty desk to cross to the next aisle while Dr. Platt lectures away…

check out the very human side of William J. Platt in this article I found taped to the Biology office door at the Life Sciences building. click to enlarge the article…











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