Sister’s Bulb Farm’s Celia Jones to speak at Daffodils in the Sabine tour

This via Charles Allen…..

Daffodil Tour in Sabine March 9

The second annual Daft Dasher’s Daffodil Tour is scheduled for Sunday, March 9, here in Sabine Parish.  This informal group met last year and toured established daffodil plantings in other regions of the state. The name “daffodil” includes perennial bulbous plants commonly known as jonquils, paper whites, tazettas, and Narcissus.  Several cultivars often persist around old home sites as daffodils were included in nearly all historic gardens.  Daffodils are found primarily in the colors of yellow and white, but modern breeding efforts seek to incorporate orange, red, pink and green into the flowers.   Useful in the modern garden to break the monotony of the drab winter scene, daffodils are easily incorporated into any landscape scheme and require no watering, pruning, or fertilization.  Compared to woody plants, they are inexpensive and trouble free.
The group will gather at Miss Ruby’s Place, LLC, at 9:30 AM to view formal daffodil plantings, wander the lovely grounds, and have blooming stems of daffodils identified by local experts.  Celia Jones, a noted daffodil authority, American Daffodil Society member, and long-time grower from Bienville Parish, will speak about historic daffodil cultivars and challenges to growing daffodils in Louisiana under a gazebo.  Janis Anthony is graciously hosting the group.  The address is 10465 Texas Highway (Highway 6) and is located about 11 miles west of Many and about 1.5 miles east of the Toledo Town intersection. Ample parking is available, and the turn from Highway 6 will be festively marked.  It is suggested that visitors bring lawn chairs, if needed.  Call 318-256-3949, evenings, for more information.
The group will then convene for lunch at lovely Cypress Bend Resort at 11:30.  Afterwards, a short walking tour along the paved trail into “Miss Virginia’s Garden” at Cypress Bend is planned. Winter blooming shrubs such as Camellias will be flowering.
The group will then head south from the entrance of Cypress Bend about four miles on Highway 191 to the first residence on Kendrick Road where another member of the American Daffodil Society is hosting the group.  Here, visitors will view a variety of historic and modern cultivars incorporated into the landscape in a more naturalistic setting.  Visitors will be asked to stay on the trails, and the short walk will be guided.   Cultivars which do well in Sabine Parish will be discussed. Native plants will be displayed in their natural settings, and wildflower experts will be attending to answer questions.  Call 318-508-1107, evenings, for information about this segment of the Daffodil Tour.  Happy Gardening!

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