a meeting of the minds, ….and me

Yesterday was a very big day for ecological restoration and natural landscape design in the great state of Louisiana.

As I may have mentioned, I am assisting in the slightest way, with two classes at LSU in Baton Rouge: Urban Meadows: Contemporary Planting Design with Native Grasses and Wildflowers, with Wes Michaels and Conservation Biology Lab 4015, with Dr William Platt.

After yesterday’s Meadows class, Wes and I walked across campus to Dr Platt’s office for a planned meeting. We’d all been talking about this for a while. It was very informal but quite productive. It was the first of many that I suspect will come in order to put in place, demonstrations gardens of natural meadows at LSU’s Hilltop Arboretum. At the same time, Hilltop will receive a rather hefty jewel in its crown: a complex representation of Louisiana herbaceous flora. Best of all, everyone’s excited about the idea.

This will put Design and Biology in a common project goal of providing a regionally unique outdoor classroom of reconstructed native herb-flora gardens, Louisiana prairies/savannas, in the most-visited public garden in the City. The gardens would be managed with controlled burns which are essential to their survival. Paramount to all of this is the telling research that will result from this work. And the gardens will certainly become inspiration for designers and ecologists alike.

How exciting! What a good thing for Mother Earth. 🙂

yes,  ….yesterday was another Earth Day of sorts.

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