….the thoughtful and careful use of herbicides

Was at the prairie restorations in Eunice Saturday.

Turned out good.

On the menu was Jim Foret’s smoked boudin, cracklins and Susie Allen’s home-made cinnamon rolls. Oh yea. We intended to do some work, too.


cutting Chinese privet, oaks, tallows, elderberry and groundsel bush in order to “paint” the stump with round-up. Monsanto rocks!!!


I snuck off and worked a little on my own on the Northwest section, across the tracks, where we lost the battle we started with a transplant back in 1996. After some years of working hard on troublesome tallow there, we started the fight up again seriously in 2012 with a clear cut funded from grant money. We seeded that sucker heavily(100 pounds per acre) since the ground was then bare. Justin Fuselier and I sprayed a broadcast herbicide selective for broadleaf last summer. The White Mulberries were not effected. So I did some exploratory “drilling and spraying”, drilling with a cordless drill and spraying a 20% solution of round-up into the hole. The White Mulberry is our newest, worst pest. It seems able to buck-up against our fancy-pants herbicides. It thumbs its nose at us like a beret-wearing, tauntingly sarcastic frenchman. The drilling should give us another chance to see if the more labor-intensive and more dangerous method of chainsawing can be substituted for the more docile(and more satisfying) approach of the cordless drill.


I hope the Mulberries are suffering mercilessly


All done, a power-pose with the PRAIRIE Special Operations force. The PRAIRIE acronym stands for PUTTING REALLY AWESOME INJURY on RESISTANT INVASIVE EUDICOTS.


Missing from the photo(because we thought about the photo after the others went byebye (duh!-ugh): Jim Foret, John Himel, Sonnie and Kent Milton and our fearless leader, Tom Hillman.

Hooty-hoot, ya’ll!!


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