putting fire on the ground

Went to Charles Allen’s last week and he and I burned his three acre wildflower meadow.

He has planted very few things there. I believe he threw out some old chaffe from seed cleaning back when he was selling seed but most of what has regenerated is from what was there, in or on the ground. It just needed the fire to trigger a “release” of the very beautiful vegetation that was starved for pyrogenics.

We did the deed slowly and incrementally, using a backing fire to create a safety line on the down-wind side. We had mowed and raked an eight foot strip on that side where it had been bull-dozed a few years ago, so it was pretty easily prepared. We had state  Highway 399 on the east side and his driveway on the south. The west was pretty easily done since there’s lots of mowed grass and the fuel level, easily extinguished with the garden hose. I had done my research into the specifics of weather and prepared a controlled burn written prescription, a burn plan, as per Louisiana law and away we went.

A good hot fire was had.

It should make for some good greenness come this summer.


above: Charles supervises the operation of the protective “black line”


the black line all done on the north, susceptible side.


the kickin’ fire works its way against the wind. It was roaring at this point. Nice!


wrapping up the burn, the fire stops where the fuel stops(at the driveway)


to finish up, we did the Big Bluestem grass collection he has. cool pic. click on photos to enlarge them.


a post-fire self portrait

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