taking a big bite

You know how when you take a big bite of a shrimp boy sandwich and you can’t talk for a few minutes? Well thats how I’ve been for about a week, chewing on the two New Directions in the Landscape conferences. I took an extra-big bite.

It was really good.

Amazing people sometimes say amazing things. And I took good notes.

I’ve been to some life altering conferences and those two were certainly so.

I can sum it up pretty well by the photo below. heavenly.

All of the presentations, as wonderful as they were, and all of the folks I shook the hands of and the conversations and the laughter, the goodness of it all.

35,00 feet, Saturday morning somewhere between Pennsylvania and New Orleans, on the way home.


wow….click on photo to enlarge…

more when I finish chewing.


4 thoughts on “taking a big bite

  1. Oh heck, Jim. I thought I deleted that stuff. I have been writing and writing and I was trying to narrow it all down with that approach but it still didn’t work so am hammerin’ on it….

  2. Oh sorry Janet. I have just found this. No, I presented the same talk as in Philly, and Connecticut.
    Am still working out some things regarding posts about the speakers. Will keep choppin’

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