Lafitte Greenway and Vitalization Corridor/ New Orleans, wins ASLA award

Wow! I worked over two years as the lead horticultural and native plant consultant to the landscape architect of the firm that won this year’s Planning and Analysis Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects. I didn’t know they won an award for it! Gee wiz, you’d think they’d tell me this stuff!

I saw Kurt Culbertson do his presentation today on the subject and learned the way-crazy news. It really doesn’t surprise me though, seeing Kurt in action during the time we spent bringing it all together. He is simply an amazing force.

Hey, they didn’t list me as a consultant, but heck, I am gonna forgive ’em for that and go ahead and claim the trophy as a resident Louisianan, ya’ll!  Whoot, Whoot! Thanks Kurt!!!!

and I thank the Design Workshop crew, all of them, especially Paul Squadrito, who hammered and hammered and HAMMERED with me ’til we all got it, just-right! Thanks, too, to Arville Touchet, local and most-excellent soil scientist/ expert, and Jim Urban, nationally recognized soil scientist, and Larry Weaner, of Pennsylvania, meadow expert extraordinaire! And I want to thank and fully recognized my awesome and most-lovely and adorable wife and best, best, best friend, Candi Pastorek, for all of her hard work: her wonderful “footwork”! go girl!

check it out, folks! click on the link below….

life has its rewards……..

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