heaux heaux Meaux!

Worked all day Thursday and Friday on a controlled burn in Meaux. Eight and a half hours of careful management. Fifteen acres of native prairie grasses up in smoke. Toasted. Then I seeded a mix of Cajun Prairie seed, collected this year.


with south wind at 12 to 15, gusting to 18, fire starts, downwind side, in northwest corner


a taste of head fire as the humidity goes up and the winds die down just before dark. A flaming crescendo for a long day of hammering out a protective ‘black line’


the fifty feet wide band of black line on the north, down-wind side, as it looked Friday morning


Flame on! After securing the edges, Friday afternoon’s ‘discovery’ head fire. Testing pyro-dynamics!


discovery head fire, succeeding


after 2 long, four hour sessions, the last head fire section is lit.


Brookshire Farm’s prairie, quite burnt, ready for seed.


Most of the credit for success goes to ole’ Nellie-belle, the Blanchet family’s 1970’s era go-getter tractor. This is her sporting my new Land Pride native grass seeder implement. Thanks Santa! Nellie’s got bling! For the burn, she pushed the water pump hard, for two long days, without fail. They don’t make ’em like this anymore. We couldn’t have done it without her. 🙂

So, after 2 and a half years, this concludes the execution of the design for Brookshire. After lots of study, strategy and sweat, its now left to Father Time, who will work his magic with Mother Nature to recapture the Attakapas Tall grass coastal prairie of the past. Yowsa.


drawing of an Attakapas Native American by deBatz, ca.1735. I wonder what they wore in the winter? Brrr.



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