hangin’ with my design heroes

Amazing things can happen in one’s life. Crazier things have happened though, I know.

Well maybe not.

I will be speaking at the ecological landscaping conference, New Directions in the American Landscape, in January. I am so humbled (I’m tearing-up :)) to talk about my connection to the Crosby Arboretum, and on methods of local-genetic seed in biodiverse grassland restoration (the Cajun Prairie Model). I learnt abuncha stuff from a few plant geniuses and people way-up in Pennsylvania and Connecticut want to hear about it. Hmmm.?

Some of the people speaking at the conference are long time heroes of mine. Most wonderful is Carol Franklin, renown known landscape designer instrumental in helping develop the concept for the Crosby in its earliest stages. The Crosby is one of the few Arboretums designed as a model specifically focused on interpreting the use of fire as a necessity in sustaining a biodiverse natural landscape. Ms. Franklin’s firm, Andropogon Associates, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was there in the beginning, helping guide the Crosby family and Ed Balke, the landscape designer who they had hired to create the arboretum master plan.

I will also get to meet a couple of my newest heroes, Nigel Dunnet and James Hitchmough, amazing plantsmen from Great Britain. They are professors of Horticultural Ecology at Sheffield University. Nigel, is a green roof guy and James is doing amazing things with the idea of blending natives and exotics in seeded landscapes, in the urban context. I was so excited to discover these two hep cats last month on Noel Kingsbury’s blogpost and then I realized I would be speaking with them. whut.? check out James’ waycool paper on link below:

New approaches to ecologically based, designed urban plant communities in Britain: do these have any relevance in the United States?


Oh, and Thomas Rainier, Landscape Architect prof who writes the Grounded Design blog. http://landscapeofmeaning.blogspot.com/

Maybe I’ll get some hang out time with Kurt Culbertson, of the Design Workshop, who I have had the great pleasure of working with, along with ecological landscape wiz Larry Weaner, on the Lafitte Greenway Project, a 3.2 mile linear park, from The French Quarter to City Park, in New Orleans. The Greenway, after two years of design, just broke ground last week.

There’s a bunch of stellar plant folks I will get to see speak. What a treat. I will try to do my best to ‘represent’, as the youngsters say.

peace ya’ll!

Merry Christmas, Happy Channuka, Happy Quanza, and Happy Festivus, ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 thought on “hangin’ with my design heroes

  1. Dog, I’m so proud to know you! You are so there. I was ready to sign up until I notice it overlapped two talks and a red fishing/duck hunting extravaganza. Please pass along any cool stuff you pick up on! We are really indebted to miss candi, she saved our leader/hero. Do keep writing.

    Paula Foret possumforet@hotmail.com

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