how to make an in-the-field prairie burrito


step one: find a super-awesome, pristine native, ancient wet-Coastal Prairie, somewhere, say, in Cameron Parish. About twenty five acres is a good start.


two: make sure its really super-awesome, with no exotic crap.


Oh, and if it has indian grass, this makes a better burrito.


spend about three or four days combing the prairie remnant for seed. When its 40 degrees and blowing thirty mph sustained winds, wear a few layers of clothing and a damn-good jacket.


Lay out seed and process and dry. Watch for rain. Scramble like hell if it comes.


Roll prairie burrito into 75 to 100 pound rolls


Travel to new wet-prairie restoration site and feed it the burrito. Add lots of water. 400 pounds serves about 50 acres


dem buffalo liked watching the burrito construction, mais cher. They are not necessary to prairie burrito construction but are helpful in enhancing the overall visual of the project. Best advice: stay far away from protective male Buffalo.

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