box gardening

box gardening

its pretty simple really. just put cardboard boxes in a pattern you like: a circle, a square or a rectangle and leave a row in the center for a planting of cucumbers and you’re good to go. Or leave a small circle in the center for a hill of pumpkins to get the kids involved and you end up with a neat way to garden. The cardboard suppresses weeds really well.  And its not a heavy and bulky mulch like pine straw or wheat hay. And its free.

I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about a design as I did thinking about veggie varieties so it aint pretty but its gonna give me lots of cumumbers in about two or three weeks. Loads of cucumbers. My brother Paul would care less because he hates cucumbers but I loves them. And they loves me!





this melon plant is just taking off in the box garden. It should get big since I keep all the plants well-fed with fish emulsion. I’ll keep collecting my boxes and smothering more ground…

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